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Nineteenth Beijing Books Fair , held from today until the 11th , many books will debut at the show.
Here is part of the freshly baked books , so that more readers preview.

summer, I checked the diary is August 25 afternoon, I started reading Shi Tiesheng “My Ding a journey ,” the printout , read the next morning .

I get this manuscript on his tired sigh .
Previously heard him say in writing lengthy , was surprised .
He was only a few hours every other day spirit to endure lengthy , like the poor to accumulate money to buy a small house , why bother !
Now actually bought a house , my friends , of course like to congratulate him.

After reading again as he tired a bit.
Did not read before , I really did not expect this and so his house is decent .
Shi Tiesheng severely heart to Dali buy , even better scenery.
His novel , from Adam and Eve giuseppezanotti actually started writing , popular with a bad analogy , but it, like the ” Dream of Red Mansions ” in front of introduction, when the cry, and a cast of big net .
Shi Tiesheng net approach and the ” Dream of Red Mansions ” is different , very unique is that the novel by Ding , with ” I (the” Bank Soul “)” with “That’s history”, on three levels begin to explore and recourse
These three dimensions are intertwined with the actual situation and white, Mo identified human soul .

After reading I had an impression Shitiesheng ‘s hair , which for some is this :

whole novel makes sense.

I said designer shoe store ” makes sense ” , mainly referring to the issues raised and resolved manner .

structure , there is a big cover , very grand .

OK soul and human two lines are the actual situation of contrast , opened time and space .

The magician ‘s story is very exciting.

The idea of ​​acting is outstanding .

Ask appeared well.

This is a love story , that is the “I” and ” E ” in love.
Since the break up at Eden Park, mens zanotti sneakers , such as being split , so hard Acacia generations to find.
Usually written love story is written acquaintance, entanglement, better, trouble , happiness , or break up or death or disappeared.
Han Dong ‘s new book ” You and Me” was written , there are honest and good-looking .
Shi Tiesheng No, he is always in the analysis , in questioning , but also praise .
Why people come together to show people how betrayed people how obsessed Garden of Eden.
And so on .
He asked so much, so close, so warm , so serious.

even write sex .
In Shi Tiesheng previous works , the less positive write sex .
Both write , sex can not be avoided .
According to my investigation, most likely to expose the author to write sex aesthetic , fun , personality, position and flaws , you can see that he is willing wronged themselves , to see the relationship between the extent of the times .
In a write head ‘s sex will not be killed , like, dare , good face of the author is so polarized : frivolous and sincere .
The rest of the writers, though is listed as a master , such as Lu Xun , as Mr. Kafka , are solemnly avoided .
Furthermore writer, or surreptitiously sex for a moment, or a sheep’s head to sexual hang a bit, or all sorts of sex a bit hesitant to desperation .
They escaped the edge of the edge ah !
To say that someone is not proper to criticize myself , my sexual depictions on really very dizzy and strange.

read this novel, to understand nature can not be avoided .
Shi Tiesheng no escape , of course, no supermarket -like exhibition .
He was always calm and sincere .
He flashed sex and love not their own.
Everyone sexual confusion, inspired by it .
Fiction such confusion and appeal .
To ascertain that the front and rear of .
He inquired of God.

The novel is listed so much speculation , refused to follow the crowd , it sounds very nerve-racking ; but since it is a fiction , since it is Shi Tiesheng in writing , it is still the emotional tone of a good read .
There Shi Tiesheng type of bright text .
Sensual hard to describe, unless personally read.
This is the novel makes all analysts ashamed and incompetent place .
Inability to describe what I can , I read this novel in many passages , horseback trotting through the summer prairie feel.

I think , will be contested after the publication of this novel .
It is not the experience of people reading novels , reading it will think more thought, would be called love and sexual habits have new thinking.
Shi Tiesheng valuable , he wants a true.
Various types of reading experts will make their own interpretation of it, this novel has the power to hit them .

(” My Ding A Journey” text of the January ” long stories” , booklet recently published by the People’s Literature Publishing House )

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When it comes to management , it is easy to think of corporate governance.
In fact , there are human beings on the latest slippers for women who have forged by the organization , there is an organized management .
Families, businesses , governments have managed .
As different organizations , their management naturally has its own characteristics .
But as management, management of different organizations must have in common.
The commonality is managed in the most basic common law .

recently deceased management guru Peter Drucker put management is defined as a science and medical , practical disciplines like engineering , it is not the center of knowledge and logical reasoning, but to solve practical problems , judge
it is the highest authority of the standard results.
This shows that learning management is not to memorize a few roads are not complicated , but learn to use under different specific conditions.
Doctor of Management if even your own home also poor management , management is probably the white school .
Management is not just on paper, fighting a war on the sand table .

However , this does not deny the importance of learning books .
People can not always hands-on, paper talk about soldiers, the sandbox playing war is necessary.
Management is complex , involving all aspects of knowledge , which requires interdisciplinary to learn, to study.
In this variety of disciplines, history is certainly not lacking .
This is Mr. Xu Zhuoyun “From a historical perspective Management” ( Guangxi Normal University Press, August 2005 edition ) is all about.

Mr. Xu Zhuoyun is extremely accomplished historian , but he does not stick to historians and textual presentation , but from history to think about management and other issues.

In the thousands of years of Chinese history in which successful management experience , what are the lessons of failure , is a very rich heritage.
Unfortunately, until now, from a management perspective to conclude that this is a legacy not many.
This is Mr. Xu “From a historical perspective Management ” at precious .

Xu from thousands of years of history of the evolution of China concluded that any organization , whether national or enterprise , is a system .
A system includes different units , to make the system coherence and efficiency , we must solve three problems.
One is how to deal with between the various units at the strategic level , especially the relationship between headquarters and subordinate divisions , which are organizational problems.
Second, in what way to achieve control of the lower upper , implementation and supervision.
The third is how the employer , what people choose to perform various management functions.

organizational structure of many kinds of Chinese history , each corresponding to a different mode now .
These include : First, the feudal system , it is the modern equivalent of the McDonald’s chain network like mold free shipping fashion style , this is a system within each unit of loose contact .
Second, the system of prefectures and counties since the Qin Dynasty , the equivalent of today’s tree network , that the following is not an independent branch headquarters .
In this framework it is possible to separate branches .

Xu ‘s book is a speech at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management , the appendix in the book there is a dialogue with the students questions and answers to the issues involved broadened and deepened .
Not directly listen to shop online for shoes master lectures, reading this book is a pleasure.

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Been to Vienna .
Viennese tell you: in the city breathe , the air you breathe every bite are jumping in the beautiful notes.
This is one owned by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert discount giuseppe zanotti shoes, Strauss, Brahms city , Vienna has reason to say or think .

Been to Rome.
Romans tell you: walking in the city , you will be kicked every stone tells a thousand stories.
Of course , you do not kick the Roman stone, because Roman stone also knock foot.
But the face of thousands of years, the city stands the sculpture and architecture , the Romans have reason to say or think .

Living in Shanghai .
Shanghai people can not tell you : shopping in the city , every corner you turn the will collide with the legends about the movie.
In fact, as the birthplace of Chinese cinema and the city, Shanghai people have reason to say or think .

Shanghai since its inception is open and sensitive city.
1895 film debut recently in Paris cafes , in 1896 it appeared in Shanghai playground .
China ‘s first movie ” Ding Jun Shan ” was born in 1905 in Beijing .
But China’s first feature film , the first cartoon , first cinema , the first production company , and the first batch of film director and star, but to shoot straight rise in Shanghai .
Shanghai became the first of the Chinese films .

Shanghai to become China’s movie capital is not accidental.
Movies in Shanghai an appearance , it is no longer entertain fancier rooms , but a grand entertainment business with the public consumption of marriage.
Movies nature is entertainment, entertainment is a public body .
Shanghai has a mature business foundation and huge public spending, coupled with the development of the film industry needs funds bubbling flow requires artistic or industrial or commercial talent , leading to Shanghai to become prosperous Chinese movies and bustling place .

In China Film hundred years, Shanghai has always been turbulent mainstream movies .
Although there is ebb tide .
Film is an important landscape Shanghai city ; and more importantly, the film is important scenes of life in Shanghai .
Shanghai Shanghai Film artificially contributed People’s Republic of China national anthem and pride ; and to contribute the largest number of pieces of the most complete movie and relish, as has the largest and most influential stars and enraptured .
Shanghai city filled with movie atmosphere.

In this moment to commemorate a century of Chinese cinema sandals shop online, ” Xinmin Evening News” reporter Explanations written appeal to the preparation of the Shanghai Film tour map to highlight Shanghai high heel film history and reality series , causing
Shanghai community’s enthusiastic echo.
Shanghai Film Group, Shanghai Film as an important heritage, duty-bound to be more direct echo.
East Movie Channel host dew and her team , diligent thinking, sensitive to the action , with just two months time, with two versions of the text and images to complete the ” sea movie map .”

” sea movie map ” does not pursue the movie Chronicles like Broad and complete , but chose cavalier perspective of narrative thinking, seeks to outline the basic outline of the important Shanghai Film silhouette .
It is to host a personal point of view , the free circulation at the Shanghai Film ‘s obvious scene , and the first person tone , heart and talk freely about the Shanghai Film legends and stories.
Viewpoint seems to be free even rambling , about seems to be sensual and even personality , but in the framework of nine chapters , the narrator was permeated with the choice of vision, permeated with the narrator ‘s rational coaching .
So , both as a basic context of cobweb -like links Shanghai Film development, but also enchant the growth and development of the law of the gene Shanghai Film.
A large number of historical photographs of carefully selected and informative appendices added , expanding the book’s historical atmosphere and practical value.

This is a movie about Shanghai Guidance and guides sensibility abridged .

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” Enlightenment business” – just look at the title to be curious : Enlightenment thinking has always been linked with the genius of Voltaire , Montesquieu , French philosopher Diderot , etc. , and with profitable
business matter?
Famous European cultural history Princeton University professor Robert Darnton is regarded as a symbol of enlightenment through tracking ” encyclopedia ” of publishing , revision and sales process , from the perspective of social history, history books , history and other commercial depicts a lifelike
Age of Enlightenment .
The book ‘s central figure is not ” encyclopedia ” of the famous editor of Diderot , but the media magnate eighteenth-century France Pang Kuke its partners.
It is through their efforts, “Encyclopedia oxford pumps book” have a more inexpensive version , and large-scale spread in France and other European countries , so as to reach the hands of ordinary readers.

Darnton is ” encyclopedia ” do pass , its ” Life ” aspects ( such as making books, the spread of piracy ) are specifically established eleven chapters outline and demonstrate writing the Age of Enlightenment
complex relationships between people, publishers, printers , printing workers and readers , which built and ” Encyclopedia ” is closely related to social life and character of the world .
We see : good personal gain bookseller and the French Academy , Academy of Sciences of the name of their dealings ; expand trade war between publishers , consultation , compromise ; paper supply business people for their brains to carve interests into a split .
Living in the center of this world is Pangku Ke , his life is a legend.
Apprenticeship , he is the eighth 1970s and 1980s , it suddenly becomes a giant publishing industry .
A total investment of over 16 kinds of newspapers in his career, has also published a number of multi-volume books.
The publisher was much more conservative , always through the publication of the classic legal corpus and religious writings obtain steady but limited income .
庞库克is different, he dared to invest big book and the book jacket .
In order to reduce the financial risk of these businesses , “he establish a partnership , the sale of shares , the formation of complex lending relationship .”
In short, he injected the entrepreneurial spirit of the book trade .
In庞库克its partner business , ” encyclopedia ” ushered in a torrent of surging orders in publishing history has created a miracle.

In the story behind this successful business , it is puzzling is that the ” Encyclopedia ” in 1751 when the first volume came to be regarded as dangerous books authorities , ” has been the old orthodoxy and old
who publicly criticized the defense system . ”
After more than twenty years why the French government to allow deviant book Daxing Road ?
This first is that the early reign of Louis XVI Louis XV dynasty enlightened than some , but more important is庞库克learned to rely on the authorities functioning business, he sought to make powerful protection , reducing ” encyclopedia ” to challenge the authority of the tone of the business
interests ahead of ideology.
With the author ‘s words, he “was at the center of the system to do speculative business .”
In addition to the government side, the publishers have to sell their products to the public .
Eighteenth-century publisher ‘s marketing strategy is that to sell ” encyclopedia ” you can not make it look unattainable.
They believe that ” in order to seem like a lot of people will have the knowledge to buy fashionable character ” encyclopedia “”, so they make a fuss in the sales propaganda on taste , knowledge .
Even better, though the book has been the government ‘s acquiescence and even support , but the authorities did not give up on the surface of its repression, it can not advertise on the French press.
As a result , publishers get a double benefit: “In the not publicly acknowledged the use of official protection , while you can take advantage of the attractiveness of illegal publications of profit .”
Thus, the commercial profit -driven, successful marketing strategy , intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of arty readers have contributed to the further development of the Enlightenment .
Then, ” Encyclopedia giuseppe zanotti us” What exactly is the person who ordered ?
It favored social strata which ?
Darnton empirical analysis of this issue come to a surprising conclusion: the commercial and industrial bourgeoisie ” encyclopedia ” no interest , the book of the nobility , judges, clergy and other traditional elites pour more attractive


This book was born in 1979 .
In the 1960s and 1970s , ” bottom-up history ” theory in the ascendant , while the printed cultural history also received increasing attention , precisely under such academic background, Darnton determination around the ” Encyclopedia ” written from
bottom-up look at the history of the Enlightenment .
Which relate to the history of the economy and technology, history and the history of library management and advertising printing workers , and so on .
In Darnton opinion , printers are not ” just did not like the personality of the underlying workers …… Diderot put his soul absorbed into the ” encyclopedia “of the text to go , they also put their own personalized printed in the Encyclopedia
on ” book pages .
Focus on labor , printing technology and business operations , are built on the basis of extensive historical data above .
On closer examination of all the literature published the ” Encyclopedia ” Swiss Neuchatel printing company left behind on these complex disorder , carefully combing obscure historical data , reflecting the author extraordinary insight.
In addition , early brief experience as a reporter , but also the history of the publishing more keen observation .
These conditions prompted the publication of this book in the year it won the award leogershoy US giuseppe zanotti platform wedge Historical Society and became a model for publishing history research.

(” Enlightenment business : 0026 lt; Encyclopedia 0026 gt; publishing history ( 1775-1800 ) ,” with Robert Darnton , leaves Tong , Gu Hang translation, Sanlian December 2005 edition

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I had missed the chance to met Mr. Blan , has very sorry.
Ten years ago to study the North , I and several students to spend time in charge of academic lectures , invited Mr. Wang had done for us , ” Literature Talk .”
At that time he lived southeast of the city of Puhuangyu , quite far away from the North , I did that with another school together with red high heels , please pick up the old Wang .
But can not remember what the reason , but I could not go into that night also did not listen to lectures .
Later, I asked my students to describe Mr. Wang ‘s image, he just said so a – ! ” An old man , his eyes particularly bright ” is such a simple description, made ​​me even more fascinated to Mr. Wang and imagination so far, its regret it
regret , but also every reflected deep.
However , Lu Jianhua of ” Blan seasons ” (Henan People’s Publishing House ) for writing Zengqi creative process and life on the road and its image clear and vivid characterization , made me old Wang approached in another sense.
More importantly , reading the land , I have more in-depth taste of Blan spiritual world , especially as its core spirit of the world ‘s ” dedication and passion born .”

For Zengqi speaking , Shen should be its most important mentor .
Lu’s book with a lot of space chronicles Zengqi and Shen Congwen exchanges , to read touching.
1948 spring, when Zengqi in Peking because job seekers without a pessimistic depressed when Shen Congwen once told he had been such a comfort : ! “Has kei , do not do this , do not be so important is the life of ‘ perseverance ‘ , to
life who is giuseppe zanotti passionate about . even in the face of harsh reality , and do not feel that ‘ things are completely useless , but also a no to’ . one is always the creation of his own to make this world a better some , give this
giuseppe zannotti world a little more good things . in no adversity , we can not lose taste for life with a lyrical and not lose the love for life . ” in 1958, Zengqi was labeled ” rightists during the ” decentralization of labor
Shen Congwen and often wrote , comfort and encourage him , said: ” the Times , as a floating froth personal insignificance , should properly live life to adapt to a variety of habit , just like a modern …… enthusiasm and naive to live
accept everything that makes life truly fulfilling strong together . ” So, for the dedication and enthusiasm of Health , has been Zengqi basic attitude towards life is born good Jian destiny in life when spiritual resources to resist it .
In the southwest of difficult years , Zengqi read, devote themselves to reading , began his literary creation ; Refugees Shanghai during teaching high school, he alone shabby homes ( tin shed ) , but also to enjoy themselves , reading and writing ; even
as in the “right” of four years , “is not fun to live with the loss of lyrical , and about life, love life, love ,” to work with enthusiasm , to reach China ‘s land and farmers
or even ” sitting on a bunch of flowers, such as tiger eye Jiong ” completed a ” Chinese potato Atlas ” , and such a spirit , and Shen, ” the ancient Chinese costumes research” of writing , but is too similar!
Language adversity Besides this, the more smoothly in the future of the ” New Era ” , his life and creation , but also brought out a different kind of glory.

generally thought to WANG most “complex” experience, is his ” Cultural Revolution” served as “Sha Jia Bang ” of the main writers and subject to Jiang ‘s ” appreciation .”
Lu’s book is not Conceal , in a very faithful account of Zengqi “Cultural Revolution ” At the same experience , very detailed and convincingly reveals the spirit of the special situation of Zengqi distortion did not happen, he was just a fairly common
attitude to look at his ” good friend .”
He was ” grateful to both for Jiang Qing , and fear, and sometimes showing a little arrogant intellectuals and somewhat contented , but not servile , but is not flattery .”
So he does not顾江青”Wild mouth too much ,” the accused “Sha Jia Bang ” and ” fry ” a field , sneak retained the Qingsao ” built up seven kitchen” That period came to be known widely sung lyrics .
In May 1970 , when he boarded the Tiananmen get “political honor “, ” there is no excitement ‘ blood boil ‘ ,” but ” laid on the table looking at a large share of the draft articles also changed changed , actually
to the military representative suggested : ‘ can other for Yang to go? ‘ “These are written so that we recognize the dedication and love Zengqi is undoubtedly a healthy, pure and bright and clean life.
This life , has its own dignity and the bottom line.
Blan spiritual personality , without the slightest effort and impurities , it is no contemptible political ingratiate oneself .
In fact, Zengqi was Miss forward to , ” fortune Xiang Yi ” as outlined precise and appropriate “Cultural Revolution” experience , but also reveal and interpret his “life ‘s dedication and enthusiasm” has rich content , provide another sense of ”
Khao refining ” Blan spirit and personality of ” valuable ” opportunity.
As a result, the writings of Lu Jianhua , inverted enable us to further ponder including intellectuals , including how to treat each individual life floating up sink their own destiny .
In the canopy when delivered , to maintain “life dedication and enthusiasm ” Since the case is not easy, but being power ” grace ” and “honor select the” time, he will not haughty , not carried away, so stay awake , stick to the bottom line,
clinging to a healthy, bright and clean and Celebrex dignified “life” , it is even more difficult.
I think this revelation Consideration for the current fate of intellectuals , should have outstanding significance.
Almost most

For Zengqi including the ” ordained ” ” uncanny ” ” Da Nao ” and ” Three Friends of Winter ,” and even his early novel ” Old Lu ” and ” sheep overnight ,” etc.,
important works , Lu Jianhua very detailed account of their ” production process ” , the source of life , such as work , Archetypes , creative origin, course and after writing published , we can derive a comprehensive understanding.
The author of the study and elucidation of works , even more so that we recognize that the ” raw tenacity and passion ,” Blan novels is also the most fundamental spiritual characteristics.
For this, or Lu Jianhua summary of the most precise and appropriate .
He said Zengqi ” in the performance of the old social life , always make an inner emotion is always filled with joy at the work being . This makes his work has always maintained a healthy tone, led upward , increasing people for
confident ” of life.
Read the land with, it is for the ” Blan world” deeply intoxicated.
“An old man , his eyes particularly bright !”
It is in this way I approached Mr. Wang to make up his own regret decade ago – thanks Lu Jianhua !

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Ibsen’s famous play ” A Doll’s House ” heroine “Nora ” is a beautiful and innocent woman, her husband has always been the center for their own lives .
Due to one single accident, she suddenly awakened from the surface of marriage revel in childish harmony , decided to flee .

Well, Nora after leaving in the end how?
Ibsen did not answer and no answer responsibility.
The problem came from the work of 1879 , has always puzzled people .
According to Mr. Lu Xun analysis ” ? Nora left how ” of the end of 1923 speech at the Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School , Nora left only two : not fall, is back.

fashion store online reading the trip plus writer Zeng Wen recently published novel ” West Side of Texas ” ( Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House ) , we found a third way for contemporary ” Nora” , that is
in a difficult bravely live.

” West Side Story of Texas ” heroine舒嘉雯and her husband , Dr. Han Yu exhausted after years of the Cold War , decided to leave the marriage .
If you do not run away , she can naturally when “Dr. Mrs. “, ” read along with his wife ,” but she can live without love marriage ; weak woman to reside in a foreign country , the exodus , perhaps doomed to pay a heavy

burst out between舒嘉雯passion togetherness and ” wage earners” Arie

later, it seems that soon got her to seek happiness, however , They was immigration agents to ” intentionally hiring, harboring illegal
immigrants ” to arrest , both in jail .

In the ” suicide watch room” where舒嘉雯body and mind on the verge of collapse, but the will to live , family love, so she refused to invite death .
She emigrated alone after Gilbert was released from prison in Canada, looking for a peaceful sky , but waiting for them to be more long parting .

in the range of immigrant literature , the authors Zeng Wen inventive, with a special perspective to explore the history of the heroine’s spiritual growth .
” West Side Story of Texas ” is a pain , wandering and stories about the struggle choice, but it did not succeed early settlers novels or happy endings .
For Shujia Wen , life is a constant search for self, confirms humanity, seeking the meaning of life in the process.
She chased the American dream by giving up , to make her character becomes tough in a series of tragedies in life .
Her loss , loss, and even the occasional sink , perhaps represents the mentality of many overseas Chinese living woman zanotti booties , but she ‘s addicted , self- updating and sandals shoes makes her personality has the power of incentives .

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In recent years, a remarkable cultural phenomenon , but the country ‘s comparative cultural research community , as if overnight, it presents an unprecedented lively situation – not only a large number of professional papers have been released, flourishing ; but many comparative cultural studies
where major colleges and universities everywhere, flourish .
What makes all of a sudden they realized that the “internationalization” of in “Cultural Studies” great penetration and influence.
However, as a general reader , meso- cultural comparison of these monographs are not without gold , and most of all a lack of interest , inevitably daunting, unattainable .

Perhaps, in the production of comparative cultural “product” of the population , the gold of literature just one of the ” ordinary soldier “, but is this zanotti giuseppe shoes one specializing in China, Japan, and South Korea cultural studies scholars
, so that ordinary readers approached the comparative cultural studies .
Gold literary Who are they?
The name sounds , down quite a bit of Korean flavor, and he himself , and indeed was born giuseppe zanotti fish Koreans in China ‘s third generation , from childhood then to Chinese, Korean for double language.
After four years of professional study Japanese literature , and all the way east to Japan , Dr. Xiu .
Such a teaching at Japanese universities, with comparative literature , comparative culture and cultural anthropology specializing in direction for Korean Chinese people , bypassing the academic science has long been popular in medieval Europe and the Tang and Song cf rational civilization, set aside the classical
doctrine , the Renaissance , the Ming and Qing poetics endlessly entangled , all the way straight comeback “home” , wrote his academic career in the eleventh comparative cultural studies in this monograph ” Three Kingdoms in East Asia : China, Japan , Korea experiences cultural comparison
” ( CITIC Press, January 2006 edition ) .

compare cultures , as writing novels , very sensitive to behind closed doors .
The Golden literature “special status” , coupled with his emotional experience of life among the forty years between the three countries continue running the migration , as well as Kyoto University , Hiroshima University , Dr. twice in the course of studying the cast of rational analysis capabilities, making it
the ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” to nearly 50 topics , covering China, Japan and Korea from the culture, history to life, and even sex and outlook compare interpret several categories of content, there are numerous, and so forth.
Why can the leadership of young Koreans dress -up fashion ?
Why the Japanese will give the world the impression left miserly indifference ?
Three people in the face of this mass entertainment karaoke ok , showing how different temperament and attitude ?
Faced with the choice of life and death moment , what three people have very different reactions ?
Open ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” , it seems that every essay topic will be hidden in a concise answer , such as ” differences in makeup beauty ” “” aa “system of cultural praise No theory” , ” play culture mechanics” , ” raw aesthetic
, died aesthetics ” and so on.

If you have a little bit of “cultural pragmatism ” tendencies , this book lets you down from time to time knowing smile.
Gold comparative literature with his unique skills , and teach you to recognize a person’s trick three , teach routines to deal with the three strangers – of course , if you’re sea travel , then , in-depth detailed understanding of Japanese and Korean ethnic nationals
, it is an important weapon to gain a foothold in the war in East Asia .

As a professor of literary gold , ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” , is not standing in a comprehensive and objective perspective to analyze , summarize, but personally involved , everywhere there is the “I” , the first person to write three
, about three , McCain three , occasionally accompanied by some personal emotions, thoughts and feelings.
Because of the author’s own experiences, but also because those real encounter specific sense , this book is said to be a travel essays too.
For example, ” in love with the three women experience” , the author not only generous “contribution” out of his dealings with three girlfriends in the slightly sad little story , and the play will be China, Japan, and South Korea women’s hot temperament, personality traits in order ”
garlic “,” mustard “,” chili “doing ratio.
A “good Japanese women service , no complaints ; Korean women good service , complaining ; Chinese female service is not good , they complained ,” although only a joke of the words, but also speaks of a different temperament on the three women .
Since the three institutions of higher learning in both study tour experience, the authors focus on vision , they will go beyond the everyday experience of people.
Then , there was the ” East , Han , Beijing University toilet culture test,” which seemingly ” unrefined ” and ” trail culture” research : that the Japanese , toilet talking about politics and sex are often intertwined
; ” ? Han River Bridge collapsed, Yongfeng department store collapsed, swimming three ( Kim ) when the collapse of it ,” said the Korean people, forthright bare , Xiangyuejiuyue , toilets , there ‘s ” outrageous ” ; while some Chinese compatriots “uphold
regardless of black female white female , seize foreigners is a good woman , “the irreverent words ” realism life creed , so North of the toilet, as they appear . ”

In order to visualize the differences described three people , ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” is also accompanied by more than two hundred carefully selected group of images , both historical data picture , there are very modern sense of design
The font used in its layout can not fail to mention : early 2004 Song Chong liberal arts , widening the text , much of the characters released from detention in the box out of a sense of visual pleasure , looks very comfortable.

form no amount of innovation , after all, only external factors , refining the content of a book is the key to success.
As the back cover text says, ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” , ” compare life , ethnic, cultural, Seeing ; Toward China , Korea, Japan , penetrating ” – its style is not without interest that the witty and full of machine : “About
quarrel , Korean light quarrel not his fists , is the Confucian -style ; Japanese hands not only noisy , samurai -style ; Chinese people both noisy and hands , is full of three-dimensional strategy war “latest women shoes;” Chinese mainland virtue,
sleek , sophisticated , big-hearted ; Japan island virtue, narrow-minded, careful and meticulous ; Korean peninsula virtue, self-esteem is strong, harbor ‘ resentment ‘ . ”
This affinity of a relaxed tone , it is easy to let the ” cultural studies expert ,” the “elite status” in the moment fade .
So, no need to sit, even without trepidation compare this book as a doctoral thesis culture , they can implement the ancients cloud “three on ” reading method – pillow , on the toilet or immediately ( the car ) , presumptuous
look at , comfortable to read .
Of course , all of the above is said with a smile , without the slightest respect for the author is not , it is this ” East of the Three Kingdoms ” , can make people laugh from time to time , to stand up shouting : Interesting !
If you read the place at the solemn quiet library or den – indeed somewhat appropriate.

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Professor i historie av Kinas berømte vitenskapsmannen og teknologi,槱Chinese Academy of Sciences akademiker Yang nesten 90 pensjonister, lanserte han en serie på to bøker i fjor, ” seiling historie ” og “Historien om skipet. ”
For tiden er han vanskelig penn, skrive en bok, også er forventet å komme ut i nær fremtid .

Forfatteren vet , Yang Chao Fellow forfatteren opprinnelig ment og de to andre co -skrevet “History of the World Ship “, en bok han ble utarbeidet av bokens første utkast , da han guiseppe zanoti manuskriptet til de to
etter gjennomgang av forfattere , av ulike grunner ikke har vært penger tilbake utkast.
Deretter, etter noen få dager , i hvilket en forfatter døde , og den andre er også fysiske plager.
I dette tilfellet , Mr. Yang Chao og andre måtte gi opp ideen om co – skrevet verker , bestemte vi oss for å gå for å fullføre sine egne hender ønske .
Etter seks måneder med arbeid , ” seiling historie” har endelig kommet ut i fjor.

Så tidlig som 10 år siden begynte nesten 80 års Mr. Yang Chao å skrive sin egen datamaskin å skrive dokumenter .
Han sa at ved å gjøre dette , både for bekvemmeligheten av sine egne, og ofte med fingrene å skrive på tastaturet , kan være fleksible fingre, høyre hjerne er også gode italienske sko kvinner.
Han er nå en time vil være i stand til å spille forrige presentasjon .
For å legge til rette for publisering av bøker skyld , ville han eier en datamaskin til illustrasjoner.
Nå har han lagret flere hundre tusen ord med data og informasjon på hundrevis av bilder i datamaskinen.

Jeg har lest Akademiker Yang ” seiling historie” , dette mer enn 190.000 ord bok som mål å fremme seiling kultur og marine kultur , for å styrke folk , spesielt den yngre generasjon maritime bevissthet, og fremme Kinas marine
Boken på egenskapene til de ulike regioner i verden seiling, utviklingsprosessen , den berømte sjøslag var seiling ytelse og konsis fortelling.

skrive denne boken , er Akademiker Yang et realistisk og pragmatisk ånd , historien til noen tvil , diskriminerende , søker sannheten.
Han påpekte at , som de gamle postene vi må skille mellom følgende typer situasjoner : Først av personlig erfaring , du kan tro det sagt er ekte , det andre, forfatterne av inntrykk av at det ikke er noen bestemt størrelse , ytelse og bygging av skip, eller
hans bare rykter , skrive artikkelen , sa han at det kan være en betydelig avstand , de tre romaner skrevet av litterater , disse tre bøkene ikke å bli tatt på alvor .
” Sailing History ” er en populærvitenskapelig bok, Yanglao vitenskapelig ånd som søker sannhet, pumper rhinestone arbeidet med å utforske den historiske sannheten .
Denne ånden er prisverdig .

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“Tulip ” Eileen Chang forward contained in the ” Shanghai Literature” 2005 Tenth

58 years of Eileen Chang dusty Lost “Tulip ” recently unearthed.
Under the first reading of the story feels relatively flat , less than ” Fallen ” magnificent desolation , nor and ” Golden Lock ” The Shocking .
But the language is full of Eileen Chang flavor, such as this description: ” a flower shadow oblique penetration of a bright moon , a dark ; one out , one dark . .”
There are at the beginning of the end of the treasure ” standing in front of the window , backlit standing behind a woman’s laughter chirp moment there seemed hazy , but added shoes and a blind man crossing the street in sandals chime sound , I heard a cry, hear the very
clear. listen, if this night is darker , but also deeper , ” are typical of Zhang school style .

” tulip ” story is not complicated , as Zhang Ailing past works , nestled among the old and the new hybridity , expand the decline of old-fashioned family background , beginning two Master Po , Po Yu and girl
overtly or covertly between incense , or the relationship between light or dark wan .
Plot may seem simple, but the structure is very particular about .
Works to push the door incense debut beginning to sad memories of the beginning of the final treasure , gold incense seemed oncoming , and turned away.
In the development of character relationships, described Ming at large , to steal .
The beginning of the works written Bao Yu Kuangzhui incense , people mistakenly thought to write incense and disputes between Bao Yu , and leads to early love between Po and Ms. Yan , however, was found after the mountain heavy water complex Jinxiang love
is the beginning of a treasure, but Miss Yan Bao Yu eventually become married.
Front half of the slow pace of work , strongly shop everyday life modality old home two or three days between explain the intricate relationship between the characters .
The latter part of the rhythm suddenly accelerated, mortal has reached middle age.
This rhythm is similar to ” Golden Lock .”
Bao had become the protagonist of the latter part of the beginning , Kim Hong , who quit the screen outside and become the object of writing side .
At the end , had a chance reunion between the beginning of the treasure and gold incense , but in a crowded elevator , only to hear someone calling her name , but can not tell her figure, two passing but not met
This “Red Rose and White Rose ” at the end write Zhenbao and darling scene on the bus met a very different creature .
Although the story works concise , but clues shade staggered , undulating , fully demonstrated the talent Eileen Chang novel structure .

the early works of the three main characters Bao Bao Yu love triangle relationship between brothers and gold incense , from the frame somewhat “Border Town ” flavor point of view, however, is very different connotation .
Bao Zhang Ailing I was best at the Playboy image, is the kind of frivolous and josepi shoes both secular role.
Bao Bao beginning and I with a concubine , but half .
As the mother died young, Bao Bao Yu early mother raised by a large and living together Nguyen Bao Yu ‘s elder sister Mrs. home.
Such early growth environment to develop a treasure quiet , melancholic character.
I treasure gold and incense levity different , Po early is serious , subtle .
He respected Jinxiang , love her , but his love is limited , and it is weak.

dismantling of romantic love , especially for the male suspect has been the subject of love Eileen Chang ‘s early novels .
Only the ” Endless Love” , ” Iverson ” and ” Eighteen Springs” ( later rewritten as ” Eighteen Springs” ) , the Eileen Chang only gradually revealing the face of warmth .
And this was written in 1947 ‘s “Tulip ” treasure of gold incense through early feelings of description, revealing just experienced the emotional pain of love Ailing doubt .
Bao early works written out of time , Kim Hong will be a well- sewn gifts quietly loaded into his pocket : a white satin paste a small clip , but also give birth to the next sandwich satin strappy short length of yellow paper , is
install public certificate and vaccination card use .
Kim Hong imagine very fine, about the man she believes to carry things no more decent than this , however did not cherish the treasure early , but was a little disdain , contempt , that this thing looks a little shabby really funny
nor big combination.
And each ” a saw , and my heart is a burst of miserable .”
But ” how the heart can not bear free lose it “, so deliberately clipped to the books , and let people go to cast off its strike.
This looks gentle and athletic, love incense early sincere introverted treasure but so !
Mr. Chen Zishan say who treasure the beginning of the ” Eighteen Springs” in Shijun shadow, I think from a quiet , peaceful character look natural resemblance , however, the attitude towards love is not in the same language .

Eileen Chang describes the early works of love , many are preoccupied with the immediate interests , less romantic poetry is drawing near , but it can not be said that she was a loving nihilist .
She described how women have little Maid temperament.
In the ” two wars ” between men and women in love , women tend to be losers.
Their feelings than men pay more for love than high expectations of men, such as葛薇龙of at乔琪乔, Cao Qiqiao of in姜季泽king darling of at Tong Zhenbao , while gold incense in the early treasure is no exception.
From the old lady ‘s mouth , we were able to roughly understand incense was miserable miserable life : married , have children , men treated her well, do not give her money , she can only come to find things to do , to feed two children
Read here, an identity humble woman in a tough hard life being removed figure flashed picture , a sense of melancholy gray diffuse life experience on the heart , leaving us unlimited sigh and melancholy.
At this time, we really appreciate the profound meaning of this novel topic : “Tulip ” was originally put Yu and Kim Hong apart to read .
Jinxiang blowing with young and lively atmosphere , not even a lonely figure in a hurry and left none .
Eileen Chang once again to her ” desolate ” tossed in our “Tulip ” gorgeous imagination .

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Chinese people across the Taiwan Strait , due to reasons known to all , the separation has been 56 years , which means that more than half a century .
In the long history of mankind , half a century of course just a moment , but for a family or a nation, half a century is a long period of time , it is often the experience of two generations or three generations periods .
In the long years of living in the Taiwan Strait , inextricably connected hundreds of thousands of families and people , experience, and endured great pain caused due to the separation , so people across the Taiwan Strait , as long as I remember myself
are descendants of the Chinese nation , it will inevitably eagerly looking forward to a unified cross-strait communication, nation and state.

Fujian power faction recently finished reading the novel novelist Yang Shaoheng new ” Straits of pain” ( Hunan Art Publishing House ) , an upsurge can not be calm , historical pain caused due to the separation of cross-strait on and
both sides of the issue of reunification , long linger in the hearts .
It should be said that this is a film about the history and current situation of the Strait of profound and moving as it put pen to paper is to live in the Taiwan Strait Du , Luo two historical grievances , joys and sorrows , twists and turns moving story , dwell on the mainland People’s Liberation Army generals Du Ronglin
and first fled to the mainland , between Kinmen , Taiwan’s Kuomintang officers , spies and has become bandits , and later became entrepreneurs to invest in the mainland Luo into these two characters , ” Strait of pain” , they can say all with
this ” pain” to leave the earth .
Anyone who can read at a glance , however , Du , Luo two scores over half a century stories and Durong Lin , Luo into the heart of the “pain” , but it is a reflection of the Taiwan Strait and thousands of thousands of families
people across the Taiwan Strait due to the disaster caused by the separation and trauma .
This ” Strait of pain” is part of the entire Chinese nation , but also belong to the twentieth century has been lost !
Of course, the novel ” Strait of pain” by Du , Luo two of the “Straits of pain” demonstrated by the nation ‘s pain, pain century , is the end of the cross-strait separating state and oppose Taiwan independence , reunification of the Chinese nation.
sincere and strong call !
This call is not only timely , but also a powerful , stirring , touching the heart of !
This is the theme of this novel reflects the profound , but also its artistic charm lies.

I am a professional fiction readers , the last three decades , only to read thousands of novels , but like the “Straits of pain” so strongly attracted me, letting me feel an upsurge of reading
a long time to calm the works but not much.
This is because the “Straits of pain” is not only a great and profound themes , there is a tortuous and moving, full of legendary stories.

The story began in early 1949 autumn Taiwanese mountain valley called the Dragon ‘s an ambush .
At that time , crossing the south into the People’s Liberation Army ( Taiwanese people then called the army ) defeated Kuomintang fled to pursue this, “army ” of a company commander Du Ronglin rate an even playing a valley in Longtan ambushes , the preparation by western Fujian
Xiamen, a shipping family fled KMT team defeated , the guard ‘s ” national army” Captain Luo Jin a strike scattered.
Luo Jin ‘s wife Liu Xiaofeng missing.
His daughter was born just three months , ” army” shelter , foster care , first in the farm , and later as an occasional accident by Du Ronglin adoption, become DU ‘s daughter , named Elsie Hill .
Luo fall into the hands of bandits in bigeye Lu fled during and after the occupation of bandits .
Longtan Valley ambushes played Du , Luo two scores over half a century story , but also demonstrate the Taiwan Strait separating the pain caused by the nation .
As a party to the “national army” , Luo Jin began to find his wife and daughter a few drops into a few legendary continent -like experience: four pounds in his pseudonym Liu Lu bigeye place when a small bandit leader , and later to take advantage of “army
” bandits bent on nine battle to make the occasion Lu Department of bigeye annihilated escape, ” first westward , sneaked into the mountains from western Guangdong , Fujian Longyan fled into the area , and then turning southbound ” through his childhood lived in Chaoshan
and then ” from Panyu adrift in a small boat boarded a Xiaogang Pearl , sneaking in Hong Kong in the night ” and then as ” mainland refugees” from Hong Kong to Taiwan .
After Taiwan , adding that ” national army” intelligence service , sent to Golden Gate squatting tunnels continent intelligence gathering , manufacturing had a ” psychological warfare ” case , Jiaoqin of Sichuan “To杜营长letter .”
Recognizing the Golden Gate opened in the pub , and later became his wife a widow Shu-Ling Wu .
In mid-July 1953 , and he joined the ” retake the mainland ” and ” national army” boarded Dongshan Island , attempting to return to the mainland , only three days that failed.
Later, Shu-Ling Wu from the Golden Gate and back to Taichung , Luo Jin returned to Taipei , as an intelligence officer named Constance Chan of the KMT ‘s ” confessed ” involving ” Espionage ” case , almost lost his life .
Rescued by Shu-Ling Wu , finally released from prison , and as “anti-communist Tingjinjun special detachment ,” the commander was sent back to the mainland .
But this “special detachment ” As we enter the mainland , that desperate , 10 Feite , or killed , or captured alive , Luo Jin relatively good grace , the initiative to surrender , and to conceal the history , only a lenient sentence of ten years in prison.
After serving farm labor in southern Jiangxi , Luo Jin released from prison , refused to leave the field of employment , return to Liu Xiaofeng hometown Zhangzhou , stem from a pack rat to make a living , and often come and go in Longtan Valley area, is looking for his wife and children separated year
After several twists and turns, he was near the door in Valley Village, Longtan earth saw this when barefoot doctors called Du Hill ‘s daughter, but did not dare to recognize .
Soon, because of Shu-Ling Wu relatives in the United States turn to use letters to senior Communist Party leaders , therefore, Luo Jin holding a one-way permit to Hong Kong to leave the mainland to Taiwan via Hong Kong again , ending his nearly ten years of wandering in the mainland .
Later, he several times across the Taiwan Strait , travel between the mainland and the island of Taiwan , however , he has a variety of legal status , and the purpose or one : to find his wife and daughter .
Has been to recognize and daughter , separated from his wife Liu Xiaofeng also find traces of late searching , finally shouting heartache leave this world .
Luo into the tortuous and full of legendary over half a century of cross-strait exchanges in life experiences , we can say it is the epitome of a half-century dramatic relations across the Taiwan Strait .
And Durong Lin ‘s story it can also be said to be quite moving and full of twists and turns legendary .
The company commander from the southern part of Hebei Province , due to a chance to be transferred back to the Taiwanese mountain bandits protect food from his squadron , and it did not , and the company of his comrades and his instructor at the beginning of spring even put together the bones to stay in Kinmen Island
on .
However , he later experiences also ring true .
Battle after nine bend , due to injuries in hospital, I met a careful care of his nurse Qin Xiuzhen , have feelings , do not marry a non秦秀珍.
But Father秦秀珍of Taiwan ‘s Kuomintang officer is to escape Qin Chuan , the superior has not approved his marriage with秦秀珍.
Later, after reluctantly approved , and because enemy agents manufactured Qin Chuan “To杜营长letter ” case , lack of trust and enhance long .
To the eve of the “Cultural Revolution” , an opportunity to enhance the head of his , but because of the early “Cultural Revolution” Du Shan rebels and their parents to find Qin Xiuzhen photo is said to be looking forward to ” national army” retake the mainland and cause Qin Xiuzhen suicide , Du Ronglin
also, because the rush of time was defined as ” capitalist roaders ” in Chen Shi Hong Kong to the barracks was dismissed taken shelter in western Fujian , which is undoubtedly a great Durong Lin double whammy .
After the “Cultural Revolution” , although he gradually rose to deputy commander of an army , entered the senior commanders of the column , but soon retired into the retired cadres to see grandchildren.
More importantly , the liberation of Kinmen and Taiwan in the foreseeable future , but also throw in Kinmen comrades bones can not take back , hatred is not reported , the daughter of Mrs Hill has been known to go and flee the United States , it’s all make this revolution a lifetime of “big
North bar “by the blow, especially to see his half-century rival Luo Jin Chuang swagger back to the mainland , recognized his daughter walked in Longtan valley Resort repair , leaving him angry and frustrated.
Finally, he is overlooking the sea and the sky , after shouting “pain ” word and bid farewell to this world.

The reason I so afraid to repeat it bother Luo Jin, Du Ronglin two half century occurred in the twists and turns moving across the Taiwan Strait and the legendary story, retelling the pain this can be called a nation and
century, the pain of the tragedy of the story , not only because it is moving , shoes online is attractive and artistic charm , more importantly, is this the story of the pain of the Strait of thought-provoking , but also people deeply inspired .
The author tells the story at the time of the actual situation and white approach adopted is also noteworthy .
We see that in the narrator’s narrative, half a century ago, events are happening across the Taiwan Strait in history when evidence from the 1949 autumn Taiwanese liberation Battle of Xiamen , Kinmen defeat, to July 1953
Dongshan battle , to the “Cultural Revolution ” in the various events , until the twenty clothes online shopping sites compatriots return to the mid- 1980s, the influx of mainland to visit relatives , and then came the influx of Taiwanese investment in the mainland enterprises to do this big
background is completely Record ; As Du , Luo two legendary experiences and tragic story , are entirely According to historical fiction.
Such a real one is true, the actual situation and white narrative method , naturally has its strengths and weaknesses.
Its strengths , because true description of the background plus depicts Taiwanese style , so Du , Luo two fictional story more realistic people ; their weaknesses , due to write the true background , Du , Luo two fictional
the real background of the story is limited , and thus dragged longer, also written more scattered , more minor , it is not enough to focus .

novel image-building of several main characters are also commendable.
Du Ronglin this orphan from rural southern Hebei Province , is growing up in the revolutionary army, army commanders excellent him from the late 1940s onwards army south to the western side of Taiwan , has been rooted in the coastal line of defense : As the era
with a variety of historical factors , his liberation Kinmen , Taiwan ‘s long-cherished wish , although not yet implemented , to the Golden Gate comrades back back bones , revenge for his comrades failed to pay ambition finally come to grief can also be said to leave this world .
However, this is called the ” Great Northern bars ,” the tall soldier image is unique , with a high aesthetic value .
He was not only a brave enemy, resourceful and skilled soldier , from his wife秦秀珍treat attitude , love for the daughter Elsie Hill , comrade Chen Shi Hong Kong on various aspects of justice , especially in the north back from his old one
the late comrade home visits and prepare mountain valley in Longtan pavilion built to commemorate the fall of the company that his army a point of view, his mind is quite beautiful .
He ‘s stubborn and intertwined his kindness , his abhorrence of evil , stand firm with broad-minded , the times of unity, become a fairly tall and highly realistic image of the old commander of the PLA .
And the image of Romania into it, but also very complex multi-dimensional , three-dimensional rather plump , he is both the KMT retreat in a junior officer , the offense is committed Feite , and later was enthusiastic Taiwanese investment in mainland .
Although he lost out on free shipping clothing stores thoughts of his wife and daughter several times across the Taiwan Strait , travel between Taiwan and the mainland, but have demonstrated experience and desire to go to Taiwan ‘s former Kuomintang majority of military personnel , with some
typical meaning and aesthetic value.
Luo Jin ‘s daughter, Durong Lin ‘s daughter Elsie Hill ‘s image is quite unique .
Du mountains and deep feelings杜荣林performance , and her stubborn personality , are pondering twist , but the latter part of the novel, the image of the art color seems a bit less .
Overall, Durong Lin , Luo Jin, Du Shan ‘s image are quite successful , they not only have the typical, in a sense , but also has a certain symbolic .

Yang Shaoheng novels on narrative tone gradually showing characteristics, not only has the objectivity , but also quite seasoned humor , in some places the appropriate inclusion into the Taiwanese dialects , but also quite a taste.
This unique charm of the narrative tone , first revealed in his recent short stories , novels and recent works from this point of view, this narrative seem more calm tone better .
Fiction is an art of narrative , narrative skills mean mature mature novels .
I certainly less balanced for maturing fiction art are very happy , but in order to do some analysis in this regard , I am afraid to another is a text of the .
Stop right now .