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to be or not to be, that is the question– my view on reading the star zoo

Duan Xindian Beijing Fengtai District Beijing, 10 in the third year reading list: interstellar zoo the star zoo (book
insects · Oxford English bilingual books)

as the only living things on a bare planet called “just like home”, humans felt lonely and sad. in order to live, they must get married as often as possible and
have children. unwilling to get married, our 16-year-old protagonist named humming bird ran away from her planet and found a plastic space ship. there she met various kinds of animals, which frightened her even drove her crazy. she had never seen
such things before. only through ‘the book of remembering’ did she get some rough idea of ​​animals. after she took a small-copied cat home and showed it to the officials on her planet, the cat was shot to death and all the officials
. went crazy humming brid did not give up her attempt to let people accept the animals she decided to set about thgold pumpse job from children …

that’s the brief plot of harry gilbert’s science fiction- 0026 lt;. the
star zoo 0026 gt ;. based on the reality of increasing environmental problems, the writer uses his full imagination and creativity to produce this vivid imaginative and thought-provoking story.

as far as we know, animal numbers are now diminishing
all over the world every years, and the living conditions we depend on a getting worse. we dirty the air with gases and smoke, poison the water with chemicals and other substances and damage the soil with too many fertilizers and pesticides. we also pollute our
surroundings in many other ways. air, water and soil are all very important and necessary to the survival of all living things all over the world. if we human do not pay more attention to that, there will come a day when we have to
live the kind of life described in this novel. as we know, the world is made up not only of human beings but also a lot of other living things. if we do not want to leave this perfect planet, we have to protect the
environment;. otherwise, women shoes online without the company of other living things, people wboots flip flopsould only be half-alive, men only half-men

nowadays, i should say, people have realized the importance of
environmental protection and ecological balance. slogans that remind us to save water and electricity are stuck everywhere, but how many are treated as requirements or duties and not just a piece of paper. if we pay a little attention to our working and study places, we
always find some taps half opened with running water, and large numbers of people get used to leave lights on during the day. dustbins for both recycled and unredeemable rubbish are placed in high density but no one bothers to throw the rubbish into the right dustbins.
nor do they even know what kind of rubbish could be recycled and what kind could not

conservation centers for protecting animals are built in many countries our government also passed some acts to protect animals;.. however, there do
exist some law-breakers who are driven by money. we plant trees very year, but no one bothers to water and care for them after planting them. for money, some farmers drive their sheep and cattle to grasslands and charge it into desert.

all in all, to every one, i want to say, “living on this wonderful planet earth, we are lucky and happy. in order to enjoy this kind of wonderful life, we must care for mother earth and
put this kind of care into practice. “

facing the world, to be or not to be, it’s up to you. we must make a choice without any hesitation!

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the olympics – never gave up

Pan Jiabei Shanghai Foreign Language School high a reading list: Olympic the olympics (dk English-Chinese encyclopedia)

the olympic games, which originated in
ancient greece, is the most distinguished sporting event in the world. once every four years, the utmost athletes from all around are lured to gather together and spare no efforts to compete against each other and try to win a medal for the country that they represent
. frankly speaking, that was virtually all i knew about the world-famous olympic games before i had read a book entitled the olympics published by foreign language teaching and research press. however, i found even more philosophy beyond just winning medals from reading the book
, which was beyond my imagination and considerably inspiring.

someone once said, “were everybody on earth involved in some kind of sport, our world would be free of war for long.” starting from three thousand years ago
, the ancient olympic games has long been an event not only for competition but also for peace. in ancient times, no war was allowed between the cities during the games, which was rather surprising to me since i could hardly imagine warriors actally putting down their
weapons and give a break for peace the precious tradition of peace continued:. i would never fail to recall the scene of the opening ceremonies when north and south korean athletes entering the stadium with their hands held together the two neighboring countries that used to be.
enemies are no longer enemies during the games. instead they became friends. speaking of the 2004 athens olympics, perhaps most people would have the same opinion that the most noable part of the opening ceremony arrived when iraqi and afghan representatives showed up. these two unfortunate
nations, the people of which have undergone innumerable wars, are coming back again to take their own responsibility in world sports after recent invasions by america. the fearless people of iraq and afghanistan are once more sharing the spirit of the games with people from the rest
of the world.

there is another story in this book that makes me deep in thoughts. there is no doubt that the most unusual olympic games ever in history is the 1936 olympics held in germany, which was then ruled
by the nazi party. led by adolf hitler, the nazi believed that the so-called aryan people were superior to all others in all aspects. they looked dowshoes free deliveryn upon jews and blacks, the latter of which was a major constitution of the united
states olympic team. despite the barrier that faced him, the african americapurple shoesn jesse owens, who was a most outstanding runner and jumper, did all that he could and finally won gold medals for his country and went home a hero. this reveals another fact
that no power on earth is able to hinder the sacred olympic games. for all participshop online free deliveryants, no matter what their gender, race, nationalities and backgrounds are, equality is distributed among every one who observes the game’s rules.

at the 2004 athens olympics, our chinese team did extraordinarily well we ranked second on the medal lists for the first time in history in my opinion, however, we should not only concentrate on the figure of medals;.. instead the strength
and perseverance of those who failed to get any medals ought to be highly cherished. whether ever success or failure, whether ever cheer or tear, whether ever medal or not, the never-gave-up spirits of athletes are always motivating us. i believe
in the year 2008, the world will focus all their attention to beijing, china, where the glory of the games will continue to thrive forever!

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the bermuda triangle

Zhang Pei Zhu Haidian District Yuying Secondary High School (eight) class reading list: Bermuda Triangle the bermuda triangle (dk English-Chinese encyclopedia)

after reading the bermuda triangle,
i became very curious about the bermuda triangle area. why did the flight 19 disappear? why did clouds in the sky suddenly turn yellow?

from the book i knew that in the bermuda triangle area, the compasses and other
instruments stop working. if it is true, that will be terrible. we can not work out which direction we are going to. the main part of the triangle lies between southern florida, bermuda, and puerto rico, but odd things also happened in
the sargasso sea and all the way south to barbados.

up till now, many strange things have happened in this area. there are four major types of odd things that people can not explain. the first is about the
yellow cloud in the sky. some pilots and ships’ captains reported that they saw a yellow fog in the bermuda triangle. when they approached the area, the sky suddenly turned yellow, the sea and the sky seemed to join together. as a result,
they could not tell where they were, or in what direction they were heading.

the second odd thing is the missing of ships, planes and sailors. ever since old times, reports have been accumulated about missing sailing ships
and sailors. in modern times, planes and pilots also got lost. over 1,500 people have disappeared in the bermuda triangle area in the past 50 years.

the third strange thing is that in this area compasses and other instruments
stop working. even the satellite connection is gone.

the last strange thing is that peoplgiuseppe zannotie see strange lights and unidentified ships in this area. and more ufos are reported in this area than in any other parts of the

many modern reports about the bermuda triangle show that a strange yellow fog frequently emerges above the sea. in 1966, a tug called the good news was going to fort lauderdale from puerto rico. she was pulling a
cargo barge behind her on the end of a strong line. the good news was a very powerful ship. however, when she got to the are a of her mid-voyage between puerto rico and port lauderdale, the instruments on the ship suddenly went mad
. most of them stopped working. the compass ran around and around crazily. when the sailors looked out, they found a yellow fog covering the barge. at the end of the line, the sea and sky seemed to join together. captain henry and his
crew tried their best and finally the ship’s engines were turned to full power, and the cargo barge came out the fog.

after consulting many books, i found that the tale of yellow fog has been of a current basis
. people did not mention that fog in the past. i personally perceive that the yellow fog is a natural phenomenon of modern times. the sea area between puerto rico and port lauderdale has been heavily polluted in the past several decades. large quantity of hydrochloric acid
water has been thrown into the sea. chemical analyses show that hydrochloric acid is one of the principal pollutants in the water. still more data indicate that manganese nucleus has been found among the mineral deposits in the seabed of this area. beneath the surface of the
seawater grows a red plant called sargassum. this plant can produce oxygen. when manganese joins the oxygen, they become manganese dioxide (mno2), which in turn interacts with the hhydrochloric acid contained in the water. when the heating condition is satisfied, a yellow
gas of chlorine will be generated as the following formula shows:.

thus, the yellow fog around the cargo is most probably the chloric gas as for the heaviness felt by the tug.
, i think we need to take the nervousness of the sailors into consideration. so my claim is that the strange yellow fog is not a wicked stranger of any kind, but a frankenstein of our own.

i am also
curious about the experience of catalina. catalina is a flying boat. on june 11, 1986, she was on her way to jacksonville. when martin caidin and his friends were enjoying their flying, they found that the clear sky was suddenly full of cloud.
soon they were trapped in the cloud and all the instruments on the plane stopped working. when they were flying blindly, cardin found a small hole in front of the cockpit. the hole went down through the cloud all the way to the ocean. tonline clothinghey
soon discovered that they were flying at the same speed with the small hole, so they grasped the chance and flew within the sight of the small piece of blue sea. after struggling for a couple of hours, suddenly they found themselves flying in a clear blue
sky again. they were safe and sound now.

in my opinion, the yellow cloud they encountered and the small hole of blue sea must be a waterspout. the bermuda triangle area is also known for its unusual weather.
sudden storms are common and some weather conditions can produce waterspout. as we know, most waterspouts have a hole in the middle which is known as the “eye of waterspout”. this “eye” is in fact a small area where air in enclosed by
the circling clouds moving in very quick speed. if the objects pulled up by tsandals shoes for womenhe quick wind can manage to fly at the same speed with this “eye”, they may fortunately get through the waterspout without being destroyed. cardin and his friends
were those lucky ones who were caught in the middle of the “eye” and their well-equipped plane enabled them to fly at the same speed with it. thanks to their plane and their good luck, they survived the waterspout and finally got to safety

the strange phenomena in the bermuda triangle area tell us that human beings are only one part of the nature. through the long history of development, men got to know more and more about the world we are living in
. however, there are still more natural phenomena we do not know. whilst we try to ask the nature to give us more, we need to pay close attention to what we have done to the nature. and to know this world and the universe our
planet belongs to, we human beings still have a long way to go.

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If you are a female body fat , I wonder if you have not had a painful experience , like me , go to the store to see the favorite clothes , carefully asked battalion designer shoes women industry members: ” ? Does this dress has the largest number yet .”
salesperson looked up and down with your eyes , no doubt replied: “No you’re wearing ! ” Hey , is simply to spend money to buy pain yo !

If you inadvertently when flipping “Shen five shop ” ( Economic Management Press ) , this humble , obscure cover of the theme , not a thick book , simple language
, broken pieces Tao Tao said a cooking story.
The story ‘s hero is a humble guy and teenagers , the book does not have any attractive gimmick.
However , gradually, within the heart of your long-buried something alive earth up, no ups and downs, and only moved undercurrent around the corner, I saw the last quarter , the already could not stop crying

In this increasingly chasing the efficiency benefits of the era, we forget why we are pursuing ?
We get an efficient and lucrative benefits lost when something?
This morning, 8 -year-old son to my mind just to show off his famous saying: ” ideal life is the pursuit of the ideal life which is revolutionary predecessors Zhangwentian say ! .” Yes, we work to the pursuit of happiness , but many people
is painful to work with , and the pain has passed to others.
Painful because we only know work , store for shoes only job is to make yourself known to have more money , but money is not happiness, money is only one of the means to get a happy way , but not the goal itself .

Work and study itself can give us material , status, value and honor, but you can not bring us happiness , only relationships bring us happiness .
Shen five Although not studied psychology , but he knew one of the most simple truth : happy truth.
To the pursuit of happiness , first fast women shoes shop pursue music .

All the service people who work all the love , all want to be happy people should look at the ” Shanghai Five shop ” because our hearts are born with the ability to happiness , but storage for too long
this book allows you to find the exit.

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People often say ” preview .”
I Manmei ‘s ” thoughts are still endless – Memories of My Father Hu Yaobang ,” a book published before , from the ” Wenhui reading Weekly” on read excerpts from the book , not only did not pleasant , actually full of sadness.
The book repeatedly talked about Hu’s ” silence .”
How he will silence it?
He consistently pump shoes , cheerful, open .
Listen to old comrades speak , Comrade Hu Yaobang in Yan’an humorous, liked to joke , joke often open to take his ” ramming ” level.
Now suddenly become silent , how he can stand it, how it boil over ?

I have tears in their eyes keep reading , read Comrade Hu Yaobang in Changsha , ” wearing beige tunic …… ” heart resist a move : It Could it be that in 1958 I saw that piece , ” camel tunic

1958年4月12 China Central group held a national conference in Shanghai on behalf of young workers .
As a university student , I attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Comrade Hu Yaobang entitled ” person is the determining factor of the great cause ,” the lengthy report .
( Full text published in the “Liberation Daily” After the meeting, after the article unscripted , was glad to see the full text of ” Hu Yaobang long data compiled Chronicle ,” a book of income ) , he spoke highly of the man ‘s position and role , spoke highly of the status and role of youth
highly of the position and role of youth workers , the very strong appeal and appeal.
I clearly remember the excitement he spoke at the lecture will be holding a jump , and indulge in shouting .
His excitement on stage , we have followed the excitement in the audience .
His speech was interrupted by applause several times .
So after he finished , it is incredible , the audience boiling endless applause .
When the applause when the interest rates , the host just about speech, applause rang again and ask Comrade Hu Yaobang circling a week to go down .
General Assembly was held in the Cultural Square , listeners million people, then what is not projected , sitting behind and on both sides is very difficult to see Chu Yaobang comrades.
Circling a week demands a fashion shop design proposed will be more active in the field .
Thus , the host announced : Comrade Hu Yaobang immediately come to everyone of them , however , announced a discipline : To save time, please do not shake hands with Comrade Hu Yaobang .
I’m excited to wait for the arrival of the moment .
When we walked hand in front of Comrade Hu Yaobang , I clearly saw that he was wearing one, ” camel tunic .”
The first impression of people is immemorial .
For decades, whenever I hear ” Hu Yaobang ,” this name, you think of that , ” tan tunic .”

camel wearing the same person , ” camel tunic .”
Comrade Hu Yaobang ‘s life is like a camel ‘s life.
As he struggled to walk like a camel in the desert , he did never hurt like a camel , a few days he did not eat like a camel still forward, forward !
He has a heart like a camel , the camel -like life , camel -like spirit , but also learned a camel -like silence ……

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I have not been to the Three Gorges is a person.
Too much about the Three Gorges old , great significance women designer shoes , then let me solemnly to move along the Three Gorges on anything , I always hope to find the origin of civilization , where to find our past, find a symbol of cultural shoes uk , find
we all want to lose and everything turned out the seeds have lost today , the river and the mountains it in layers that are hidden in the Pentium , it shone in the distant past revelation memories everything about it , but
these belong to the distant past for all of us .

So, first causing the contents of my “Three Gorges Guzhen ” This book is not a book of interest , since the Three Gorges on the topic that we have a lot, I ‘d first noticed this author Aman
Select the line, as a planned high pumps purposeful travel , he knows that he passed the old town will become a book material, but he happens to not choose a line of world attention , but slightly off the
the mighty Yangtze , leaving a non- exciting the Yangtze River , with more than half the length of the Three Gorges Hinterland deeply involved relatively few people , according to the author’s words, he is going to ” as much as possible and each representative of the old town to explore, to find out
the ancient town common and individual differences in history, culture and real life , find out what makes each Guzhen town basis and reasons for , and thus the social situation of the Three Gorges region, history, culture and customs as a whole describe to the reader . ”

I think that the author of this route because fewer of those are full of thunder , has been the focus of the ancient town line star , but as we opened the ground level of the Three Gorges simple side, so that we can see it flat

We have always felt that good things lost in the past, we should see that there are good things are still there to continue , and a consistent kind of spirit, we do not have to attempt to sum ​​up , as long as there hard feelings
everyone just fine.

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” Dreams of all knowledge, human sophistication that article,” the couplet has angered juvenile yu do not like , because being misappropriated screenwriter Jia Zheng ‘s libretto for the opera ” Dream of Red Mansions ” shoerazzi giuseppe zanotti , and has been well received negative evaluation
as if the curtain ( linked ) yard filled with vulgar really sophisticated atmosphere.
In fact, this also because people fall into the cliche of waste words .
Mr. Yi Zhongtian new book to read when ” empire melancholy ” ( Wenhui Press, August 2005 edition ) , the couplet hanging it from time to time in front of me , I think , if his son aside Jia Zheng together to vote for its historical shadow
but carries scholarship, writing standard provides easy transit to weigh writing , is simply the best choice.

” Empire of melancholy ,” is likely to be mistaken for a collection of monographs, because the book by ten separate Wan word text , of which more than half of the article , and can be regarded as
some book review “Words in the book , intended to book outside” , such as ” opium war and war of opium ,” a text , writing origin that is derived from Mao Haijian historian monograph “heavenly collapse ,” ” atypical corruption” and ”
good system , bad system , ” two chapters were standing Wu Si ‘ ‘ and Qian ” China’s ancient political gains and losses hidden rules ” on the end of two books ; the late chapter,” Millennium a dream ” in a lot of wonderful sense of judgment and touching wedding shoes sigh
with Chen Pingyuan ” Chivalry of Intellectuals dream” , also has a hidden when thinking ties.
It is composed of these ideas Port books , so that the ” empire melancholy ” has been sailing with a brand new domain .
The inherent association between these books , by co-ordinating the scheduling after Yi Zhongtian , both in terms of content coherent progressive thought or expressed in terms of a complete , all appear as one of the core academic monographs , speculative , originality blowing

The book in order to set sail voyage of those writings , mostly agree that even adhering to the easy transit .
Impulse in the author’s writing , you can exclude the ” questionable ” meaning ; can be excluded , is presented on behalf of enthusiasm .
For each of the peers given their own ideological inspiration book , the authors have to be fully sure, but certainly after the author has another job to do, otherwise Huaer say .
That sometimes went on to say , the meaning of the others entirely courageously pushed forward again ; sometimes open a dang , to give the reader out of the side of another skylight .
No matter how that expression of both majestic shop online free shipping if a thought Jones .
It is unexpected that a branch has extremely sharp ideological Jones , highlighting the qualities constitute the book , we were able to follow the author ‘s signature way to start ( I have summarized as ” type of essay writing detective fiction Act ” ) ,
surprised the way , all the way melancholy, for two thousand years the empire , is also our own , that one soaked empire recession unconscious mind.

Although the authors cultured with rich, comprehensive effort on literature and history often praised , but I can generally be considered the book an extraordinary place, not in the rich new materials and information .
Author advantage here?
Try to play cards , for example , I found easy transit does not hold in one hand and the envy of the good cards , but his brand reasonable approach, the sequence and timing of the trump cards , showing his unique abilities.
The ability to obtain , and the text will be provided to the photograph of a couplet inseparable .
Author’s knowledge in organically into the hole out of things , in the words ” such as salt in the water” to show the sophistication compassionate .
As the author in the ” Postscript: History always people thinking ,” put it: “There is a sense of literary people generally have a sense of history ,” ” To understand the history of humanity must penetrate ,” In this book, author of literature
and History ” double sense pronged ” analysis and reflection of historical events , always leave the “humanity ” of the field , so he has the ability to use their full strength speculative suspense style pen and ink , takes the reader through the labyrinth of thinking.
Whether drawn ” helped reform corrupt busy ” conclusion, or ” get an idea for the Song Jiang ,” the authors are able to get through the literature and history of joint , blending human things , contemplation supplemented by dynamic concept, followed by looking up look down , Wu Shi own opinion
, step on a broader and more solid foundation .
Concentrated at the end of the three chapters discuss the problem strokes imperial system and the Chinese intellectuals ‘ way out and Policy ” , drawn not avoid Yasu , arguments both ruling and opposition parties , but also focus on subtle Broad vision , ideas Chia Kang pound batches also true, a few
people unable to get away.
One of kindness , but deep reading followed by a deep sigh , deep sigh followed by thoughtful readers , only have it .
The authors write melancholy melancholy heart of the matter, and the reader’s mind the final volume , How could ” melancholy ” over.

Yi Zhongtian , said: “History is also possible wine .”
Masaoki help out there for this one point , after the reader if it can not trace a little drunk thin drunk raw experience , I is not surprising .

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Shanghai writer Zhang relay stories ” dent on the brick ” , after collection of essays , ” spring , bright scarlet ” , recently launched his novel ” frost” ( China International Broadcasting Press).

novel depicts the fate of the late 1970s, a poor intellectuals.
Yu Hua childhood hero living in the old shanty alley .
In such a place, he ‘s living environment is clearly difficult and even hostile .
Nevertheless , the hero still have ideals, aspirations , there is a beautiful dream, let their learned expertise – Spanish counterpart able Zhiyong .
To achieve this dream, he began unimaginable journey .
In this process , the difficulties experienced double unimaginable , poor living conditions , and the old force of habit and depression.
Finally, the hero of the novel painstakingly efforts, when about to realize their ideals , but as the end of the tragedy of overwork .
Writer with a broad , yet delicate melancholy tone , creating a solemn atmosphere , people feel like reading in general heavy lead .

In the novel, with the ups and downs of the fate of the characters , the writer not only describes the plight of the characters in the mind , but also faithfully describes the shantytown alleys of the old people and a variety of life situations , “In the morning
that choking smoke oven that affect milk bottle filled with milk jingle touch the car ; rain , in the rain , such as hemp old foot alley , with a white-haired old aluminum pan waiting for the rain , there was a dilapidated little Zaojian
when the dust of collapsed …… “This is all one by one in front of the reader vividly reproduced .
Therefore , Zhang Jianzhong ‘s novel is read as a piece of history , it not only has a high literary value , but also a valuable historical value.

Throughout the writer Zhang Jianzhong literary trajectory over the past decade , we find that both the short prose , or novels, he has always been overlooked , forgotten those living at the bottom of people’s lives
writing as their content and subject matter , speaking zanoti described their joys and sorrows , concerned about their living conditions , they pour a difficult to let go of emotions, which is rare in many of the writers in Shanghai .
Over time , small anne michelle shoes , said Zhang Jianzhong value will increasingly be recognized.
Because the past is still heavy.

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Mr. Li Oufan I respected researchers overseas Chinese modern literature , I still clearly remember shock and pleasure then to university , first carefully read ” Iron House Scream” when , until reading his ” fox hole
raving ” , before Mr. oFUN learned the language in a relaxed and witty insights and unique deep behind ” foxes ” scholarly way and human nature , even more than the cordial and an academic .
Recently Mr. OFUN another new book , ” My years at Harvard ,” available ( Jiangsu Education Press, May 2005 p. 1) , after I heard and got to see it busy , but also concerned about the online book reviews in newspapers ; there have been two
reviews , discussion of the article caught my attention.

First published in ” reading weekly ” on September 7 Chee Wei Xu a ” leading scholars of ” second-rate ” writings – Comments Leo Lee ‘s new book, ” , followed by a half
I , “Beijing News” , ” Book Review ” has been published in an article in the discussion and Xu ( September 23 , ” ” second-class ” scholars ” third-rate ” writings – Discussion with Mr. Xu Ciwei questionable ” ) , signed
“Shu Ping .”
After reading “My years at Harvard ,” I wanted to write something , and sometimes did not write, happened to see these two comments , or put their own little ideas to write about.

This is the name of two articles together around a bit , have to explain a pass.
Xu entitled ” leading scholars of ‘ second-rate ‘ writings ,” There was a discussion on the ” hedgehogs ” scholars and ” foxes ” scholars, admitted in the article , “I prefer to believe that , in fact, Mr. Lee is a first-class scholar ,” while he
that ” Lee’s this” my years at Harvard , ” even without academic vision for it , at best, only second-rate writing ” ; and the title of the show is taken from the original quote on the one hand , it also reflects Mr. Xu faint
bona fide .
Shu Wen name ‘ ‘ second-rate ‘ scholars ‘ third stream’ writings , “a look that is known of since Xu , Mr. Shu Ping insisted that ” my years at Harvard , ” a” second-rate ” scholars ” third-rate ” writings , in fact, is a retreat
into another way , in the final analysis people want to admit , “I ” latest women shoes are “first class” scholars “first class” writings .

Shuping Xu on this issue was first to launch an attack : Lee clearly said that he was just ” a second-rate scholars , third- writers” in the book ( the book says Mr. Van Central Europe and the ” Western tradition
the famous “compared to the” master of the scale to measure the world , “” sometimes self-deprecating “in order from the state , but in reality this is actually seemingly shy conceited to say ) , you put him into the class of non- column
Could there want to ” borrow to raise themselves the object of criticism ” ?
Then guess this actually concluded: ” There is a phenomenon of domestic critics is noteworthy that some critics like to get celebrity specialized surgery, thereby open up their road to fame , even if the object is not enough to criticize the class , nor should
he said that as a first-class , otherwise his criticism would seem lacking components . ”
After reading this passage , I was shocked, Xu Wei Chee article is written very calm neutral, and ( in contrast Shuping article touches everywhere seem tart ) , I actually did not see the harbor such evil intentions , what you want to put Xu busy again
read it , in addition to reading such as ” Because Lee bones was a scholar , so seemingly casual narrative , or in revealing the implication of its academic value or restrained on the ground ” and other sentences and for the text of candor outside
or no other – seems to be a false alarm Shuping .
In fact, Mr. Shu words are not new, is on a literary trick a few years ago there is a Shanghai scholar on usual this technique to all the critics have seen as ” climbing Campsis ” bad place such things
word is that the powers that they have to get someone to stop and open , but fortunately not in Europe , Mr. Van myself ; I see these words has always been somewhat disaffected , today there are people actually made ​​this old theory , people can not help but be surprised , but listen
to both quite familiar, such as small children would not have embarrassed retreat , but also did Campsis .

Shuping article there are two problems , cuts clearly identified , many problems will come to light .
Shu Wen ‘s first class of problems that tend to put a question to the extreme , or hold on to some less than the rest , so distorted the original intent of Xu often leads to error , clutching tightly to play him again , in fact, not a result of the discussion
question ; I have time to point out that the logic of the text in numerous loopholes , to name two cases .

Mr. Xu Ciwei case is that ” a genuine professor at Harvard and Harvard girl’s mother to a test , go to Da Lei , the starting point is not high ,” Mr. Shu -ping say such remarks , ”
If a person likes to see people wearing colored glasses , like the people divided into 369 and so on , it is thought there is a problem , “” Harvard girl’s mother how , people can cultivate talent daughter is not qualified to do their own experiences
Share it with everyone ? ” questions raised by the former Mr. oFUN years as overseas scholars , intellectuals at the time of writing should have personal memories of how the spiritual heights, which is expected to make the spiritual height argued that Lee should not be
in a best-selling author – Harvard girl’s mother as a reference ( as in the end should not be, will be discussed in more detail below ) , the latter did not respond on the nature of the problem or barge is difficult, but rudely to each other first buckle
on ” man likes to wear colored glasses ,” ” love the people divided into 369 “, ” thinking there is a problem ,” the big hat , and then approximate importune play, looked back and somehow people think : What time prior to the text
Harvard can not tell the girl ‘s mother to write a book out?

Another one , Xu Wei Chee cited ” unspeakable ” one case called ” My years at Harvard ,” somewhat crudely literal level .
At least in the continent in general usage , Mr. OFUN really put the word twice in a row by mistake.
It should be said Xu Wei Chee meaning of ” text level ” refers to the simple words sent word to the comfort level of the pen, but rather high-profile says “I love Lee article generation , it is precisely the kind of casual like Lee , chic ,
sway nature , abstract style “from” text “to” style ” concept Zhongshu substitution of real great ! more dumbfounding is Shuping stiletto heels made ​​in the text , ” Mr. Xu think Leo Lee shoddy level (
Tell me note here ‘ text ‘ has been replaced become a ‘ level ‘ ) , I also would like to ‘ uppity fair to say that a ‘ point of view in this article only Xu , Xu own text level
it may not be rated as ‘ excellent ‘ , at least like me can convince the average reader did not ! “and so on , not to mention here the” text level ” and do not know when to change the level of reasoning made ​​, nor logic , said Mr. Xu Ciwei
the level in the end how , whether the comparable between the target of criticism and critics , or need more than this is probably a child will know common sense.
Please Mr. Shu Shu Ping me a little rude words , because there is some outrageous, ” questionable ” to the last question from the critics but with strong momentum level , it is something wrong ; I really want to say is , when a concept is repeated
when it is replaced , the discussion has no meaning .

Shu Wen ‘s second largest category of issue, but also the fundamental problem is that I am comfortable level for judging the value of an inherent lack of scale , which led to all sorts of inconsistencies and the entire article ” style is not high
. ”
Shu Wen appeared in at least three types of writing : memoirs , best-selling books and scholarly works , for they obviously can not perform the same evaluation criteria : memoirs have their own spiritual dimension , the best-selling book to meet the criteria of the market, but also own a scholarly works
sets academic standards, of course, may be the best-selling memoir book , but always to follow the most ” this has been ” a measure of value .
Shuping I missed this scale consciousness caused confusion and funny article , one question ” how the girl’s mother Harvard ? …… ” , On the other hand has no reason to criticize the guise of justice in the name of so-called ” so-called
academic works ” ; confusion scale leads to unite writings mentioned lack proper respect ( misreading is also a lack of respect for ) is still very superficial , I say ” intrinsic “means a good memoir
should be an excellent spiritual biography and autobiography mind , not just a record of the body and experience , Mr. oFUN part to do this , but as a modern Chinese literature , Lu Xun researchers , especially as the ” Chinese public space .”
and ” cultural space ” of practitioners , as overseas, ” University of Chicago Chinese thinker tribes ‘ chiefs , cultural tastes, preferences and spiritual values ​​represent the position of Mr. oFUN worth , also caused numerous concerns , there is reason to Europe
mind and spirit , Mr. Van height set higher expectations.
Shuping tried to deny such expectations not only did not raise but reduce the book should have character.
We want to see a Western spiritual background in real candles Russian Thought ” fox” , rather than a shelter or escape for people in diverse cultures and appreciation of Persian painting a large painted face – no wonder Mr. Shuping
so relish.

finally returned to Mr. Ou Vatican this new book .
To write this article , I put ” my years at Harvard ,” and carefully read it , either knowledge or emotion , in a small book with the nature of this very rich, I think that the best written , but also my most
like , is a few memories of the teacher’s words , as ” Professor Shi Huaci “, ” Jaroslav Průšek “, ” retirement Notepad ” is also quite impressive , but after all, ” my years at Harvard ,” is written in the book of the rush , not enough patience
polished , as Mr. Xu Ciwei pointed out some inadequacies which does exist ; as for the book , ” love between men and women often talked about things ,” chee Wei Xu think ” rather not appropriate ” ( as informative memoirs ) , Shu Ping
is considered to be ” straightforward ” and ” true nature ” of the outpouring (as an individual ‘s autobiography ) , I do not make judgments, and prefer to see it as a ” moral judgment was postponed territory .”
But Shu Wen said “This year finally read a book really worth reading the book ,” I still feel a little exaggerated, if Zhongshu really think so , then it is on the well of ; but at the end of his article is still some approximation provocative words
I look after the shocking Barbara speechless, in fact, Mr. Shu Duokanjibian “My years at Harvard ” in the theory of the book and people will not say so up .

Han Ma Yuan has this to say in the ” Ring of Aniko Yan Tun book ,” I thought it was dark and the same as a warning, and willing to work with Mr. Shuping encouragement: Long

伯高敦thick Shen Zhou , mouth no choice words, modest about frugality , honesty public prestige, weight of my love , May Rucao effect of .
Du Jiliang gallant good sense , worry about people ‘s worries, the joy of music people , voicing nothing to lose ; father’s funeral caused passengers, the number of graduates to the county , I love the heavy , reluctant Rucao inferiors .
Bo high efficiency shall , Utah for the honor Edict of disabilities, not yet called carved swan duck class also.
Liang Ji effect shall not , for the world lightweight collapsible child , called to draw a tiger not a like a dog also.

most learned scholar Zhou Shen Shurei , mostly superficial generation Proton furious din .
Here I have absolutely no sarcasm Mr. Shuping ‘s article ” poor imitation like a dog ,” meaning, I just secretly shoe stores online for men that Mr. Xu Ciwei some praise to calm the apartment of ” derogatory ” may just be
Mr. oFUN understanding and respect , can not help but think of writing the book , Professor and Professor Xia Zhiqing Jaroslav Průšek period of war of words , ” battle of words ” between a pair of friends not only did not damage the friendship, but to see out of both sides of the academic demeanor
and demeanor ; and Mr. Shu Ping to tense posture not only largely misunderstood Xu intention of talking almost irrational , more regrettable that Mr. oFUN book reveal intimate peaceful tolerance
departure from the cultural atmosphere , but also dilute the memories are dispersed out of precious warmth.

shoe for men

Recently, Mr. Zhou Hongming sent novel manuscript ” Hamburg Love” one , two, three , namely the novel ” collision Hamburg ” ” Hatred tsunami mind” and “transnational Love Love” , should I look to see womens pump .
Mr. Zhou Hongming desk lifetime , published a lot of the social science aspects of translation , the last twenty years , is committed to the compilation of language books , published several dictionaries, three of which have been exported to overseas.
He is a ripe old age , never written fiction , even once wrote three novels.
This aroused my curiosity and interest.
I find time to read the first two , the author of agile thinking , rich imagination and language proficiency , has impressed.

Life is grown in soil literature , author living in Shanghai , with three children and their descendants in Hamburg, Germany, has a home or business , its fourth generation has been born in Hamburg.
Shanghai and Hamburg real life experience is the basis for creation of the author .
On one end of the pen stories are in Hamburg , and the other end in Shanghai.
Characters in the story of thoughts, feelings and even fate , often rooted in Shanghai .
Relying on their knowledge of the psychological state of Shanghai in Hamburg to study some of the youth , and their faces and modality , into artistic conception and artistic image , vividly demonstrated in front of the reader.

home slippers for women strong narrative fiction , very readable.
“Man like mountains do not like flat ,” fiction plot development , ups and downs , loops and turns, fascinating.
” Tsunami love italian designer shoes Qiu Ji” and “Collision Hamburg ” Destiny hero are twists and turns , exciting.
Language fluency refining, vivid , the authors also good at using metaphor to make brilliant literary talent , so vivid characters .

In short , one of the oldest old and never write a novel , once wrote three new theme , very readable novel of love , which is a welcome novelty.
I applaud this purpose , and is willing to introduce readers to the book .