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Shanghai writer Zhang relay stories ” dent on the brick ” , after collection of essays , ” spring , bright scarlet ” , recently launched his novel ” frost” ( China International Broadcasting Press).

novel depicts the fate of the late 1970s, a poor intellectuals.
Yu Hua childhood hero living in the old shanty alley .
In such a place, he ‘s living environment is clearly difficult and even hostile .
Nevertheless , the hero still have ideals, aspirations , there is a beautiful dream, let their learned expertise – Spanish counterpart able Zhiyong .
To achieve this dream, he began unimaginable journey .
In this process , the difficulties experienced double unimaginable , poor living conditions , and the old force of habit and depression.
Finally, the hero of the novel painstakingly efforts, when about to realize their ideals , but as the end of the tragedy of overwork .
Writer with a broad , yet delicate melancholy tone , creating a solemn atmosphere , people feel like reading in general heavy lead .

In the novel, with the ups and downs of the fate of the characters , the writer not only describes the plight of the characters in the mind , but also faithfully describes the shantytown alleys of the old people and a variety of life situations , “In the morning
that choking smoke oven that affect milk bottle filled with milk jingle touch the car ; rain , in the rain , such as hemp old foot alley , with a white-haired old aluminum pan waiting for the rain , there was a dilapidated little Zaojian
when the dust of collapsed …… “This is all one by one in front of the reader vividly reproduced .
Therefore , Zhang Jianzhong ‘s novel is read as a piece of history , it not only has a high literary value , but also a valuable historical value.

Throughout the writer Zhang Jianzhong literary trajectory over the past decade , we find that both the short prose , or novels, he has always been overlooked , forgotten those living at the bottom of people’s lives
writing as their content and subject matter , speaking zanoti described their joys and sorrows , concerned about their living conditions , they pour a difficult to let go of emotions, which is rare in many of the writers in Shanghai .
Over time , small anne michelle shoes , said Zhang Jianzhong value will increasingly be recognized.
Because the past is still heavy.

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Mr. Li Oufan I respected researchers overseas Chinese modern literature , I still clearly remember shock and pleasure then to university , first carefully read ” Iron House Scream” when , until reading his ” fox hole
raving ” , before Mr. oFUN learned the language in a relaxed and witty insights and unique deep behind ” foxes ” scholarly way and human nature , even more than the cordial and an academic .
Recently Mr. OFUN another new book , ” My years at Harvard ,” available ( Jiangsu Education Press, May 2005 p. 1) , after I heard and got to see it busy , but also concerned about the online book reviews in newspapers ; there have been two
reviews , discussion of the article caught my attention.

First published in ” reading weekly ” on September 7 Chee Wei Xu a ” leading scholars of ” second-rate ” writings – Comments Leo Lee ‘s new book, ” , followed by a half
I , “Beijing News” , ” Book Review ” has been published in an article in the discussion and Xu ( September 23 , ” ” second-class ” scholars ” third-rate ” writings – Discussion with Mr. Xu Ciwei questionable ” ) , signed
“Shu Ping .”
After reading “My years at Harvard ,” I wanted to write something , and sometimes did not write, happened to see these two comments , or put their own little ideas to write about.

This is the name of two articles together around a bit , have to explain a pass.
Xu entitled ” leading scholars of ‘ second-rate ‘ writings ,” There was a discussion on the ” hedgehogs ” scholars and ” foxes ” scholars, admitted in the article , “I prefer to believe that , in fact, Mr. Lee is a first-class scholar ,” while he
that ” Lee’s this” my years at Harvard , ” even without academic vision for it , at best, only second-rate writing ” ; and the title of the show is taken from the original quote on the one hand , it also reflects Mr. Xu faint
bona fide .
Shu Wen name ‘ ‘ second-rate ‘ scholars ‘ third stream’ writings , “a look that is known of since Xu , Mr. Shu Ping insisted that ” my years at Harvard , ” a” second-rate ” scholars ” third-rate ” writings , in fact, is a retreat
into another way , in the final analysis people want to admit , “I ” latest women shoes are “first class” scholars “first class” writings .

Shuping Xu on this issue was first to launch an attack : Lee clearly said that he was just ” a second-rate scholars , third- writers” in the book ( the book says Mr. Van Central Europe and the ” Western tradition
the famous “compared to the” master of the scale to measure the world , “” sometimes self-deprecating “in order from the state , but in reality this is actually seemingly shy conceited to say ) , you put him into the class of non- column
Could there want to ” borrow to raise themselves the object of criticism ” ?
Then guess this actually concluded: ” There is a phenomenon of domestic critics is noteworthy that some critics like to get celebrity specialized surgery, thereby open up their road to fame , even if the object is not enough to criticize the class , nor should
he said that as a first-class , otherwise his criticism would seem lacking components . ”
After reading this passage , I was shocked, Xu Wei Chee article is written very calm neutral, and ( in contrast Shuping article touches everywhere seem tart ) , I actually did not see the harbor such evil intentions , what you want to put Xu busy again
read it , in addition to reading such as ” Because Lee bones was a scholar , so seemingly casual narrative , or in revealing the implication of its academic value or restrained on the ground ” and other sentences and for the text of candor outside
or no other – seems to be a false alarm Shuping .
In fact, Mr. Shu words are not new, is on a literary trick a few years ago there is a Shanghai scholar on usual this technique to all the critics have seen as ” climbing Campsis ” bad place such things
word is that the powers that they have to get someone to stop and open , but fortunately not in Europe , Mr. Van myself ; I see these words has always been somewhat disaffected , today there are people actually made ​​this old theory , people can not help but be surprised , but listen
to both quite familiar, such as small children would not have embarrassed retreat , but also did Campsis .

Shuping article there are two problems , cuts clearly identified , many problems will come to light .
Shu Wen ‘s first class of problems that tend to put a question to the extreme , or hold on to some less than the rest , so distorted the original intent of Xu often leads to error , clutching tightly to play him again , in fact, not a result of the discussion
question ; I have time to point out that the logic of the text in numerous loopholes , to name two cases .

Mr. Xu Ciwei case is that ” a genuine professor at Harvard and Harvard girl’s mother to a test , go to Da Lei , the starting point is not high ,” Mr. Shu -ping say such remarks , ”
If a person likes to see people wearing colored glasses , like the people divided into 369 and so on , it is thought there is a problem , “” Harvard girl’s mother how , people can cultivate talent daughter is not qualified to do their own experiences
Share it with everyone ? ” questions raised by the former Mr. oFUN years as overseas scholars , intellectuals at the time of writing should have personal memories of how the spiritual heights, which is expected to make the spiritual height argued that Lee should not be
in a best-selling author – Harvard girl’s mother as a reference ( as in the end should not be, will be discussed in more detail below ) , the latter did not respond on the nature of the problem or barge is difficult, but rudely to each other first buckle
on ” man likes to wear colored glasses ,” ” love the people divided into 369 “, ” thinking there is a problem ,” the big hat , and then approximate importune play, looked back and somehow people think : What time prior to the text
Harvard can not tell the girl ‘s mother to write a book out?

Another one , Xu Wei Chee cited ” unspeakable ” one case called ” My years at Harvard ,” somewhat crudely literal level .
At least in the continent in general usage , Mr. OFUN really put the word twice in a row by mistake.
It should be said Xu Wei Chee meaning of ” text level ” refers to the simple words sent word to the comfort level of the pen, but rather high-profile says “I love Lee article generation , it is precisely the kind of casual like Lee , chic ,
sway nature , abstract style “from” text “to” style ” concept Zhongshu substitution of real great ! more dumbfounding is Shuping stiletto heels made ​​in the text , ” Mr. Xu think Leo Lee shoddy level (
Tell me note here ‘ text ‘ has been replaced become a ‘ level ‘ ) , I also would like to ‘ uppity fair to say that a ‘ point of view in this article only Xu , Xu own text level
it may not be rated as ‘ excellent ‘ , at least like me can convince the average reader did not ! “and so on , not to mention here the” text level ” and do not know when to change the level of reasoning made ​​, nor logic , said Mr. Xu Ciwei
the level in the end how , whether the comparable between the target of criticism and critics , or need more than this is probably a child will know common sense.
Please Mr. Shu Shu Ping me a little rude words , because there is some outrageous, ” questionable ” to the last question from the critics but with strong momentum level , it is something wrong ; I really want to say is , when a concept is repeated
when it is replaced , the discussion has no meaning .

Shu Wen ‘s second largest category of issue, but also the fundamental problem is that I am comfortable level for judging the value of an inherent lack of scale , which led to all sorts of inconsistencies and the entire article ” style is not high
. ”
Shu Wen appeared in at least three types of writing : memoirs , best-selling books and scholarly works , for they obviously can not perform the same evaluation criteria : memoirs have their own spiritual dimension , the best-selling book to meet the criteria of the market, but also own a scholarly works
sets academic standards, of course, may be the best-selling memoir book , but always to follow the most ” this has been ” a measure of value .
Shuping I missed this scale consciousness caused confusion and funny article , one question ” how the girl’s mother Harvard ? …… ” , On the other hand has no reason to criticize the guise of justice in the name of so-called ” so-called
academic works ” ; confusion scale leads to unite writings mentioned lack proper respect ( misreading is also a lack of respect for ) is still very superficial , I say ” intrinsic “means a good memoir
should be an excellent spiritual biography and autobiography mind , not just a record of the body and experience , Mr. oFUN part to do this , but as a modern Chinese literature , Lu Xun researchers , especially as the ” Chinese public space .”
and ” cultural space ” of practitioners , as overseas, ” University of Chicago Chinese thinker tribes ‘ chiefs , cultural tastes, preferences and spiritual values ​​represent the position of Mr. oFUN worth , also caused numerous concerns , there is reason to Europe
mind and spirit , Mr. Van height set higher expectations.
Shuping tried to deny such expectations not only did not raise but reduce the book should have character.
We want to see a Western spiritual background in real candles Russian Thought ” fox” , rather than a shelter or escape for people in diverse cultures and appreciation of Persian painting a large painted face – no wonder Mr. Shuping
so relish.

finally returned to Mr. Ou Vatican this new book .
To write this article , I put ” my years at Harvard ,” and carefully read it , either knowledge or emotion , in a small book with the nature of this very rich, I think that the best written , but also my most
like , is a few memories of the teacher’s words , as ” Professor Shi Huaci “, ” Jaroslav Průšek “, ” retirement Notepad ” is also quite impressive , but after all, ” my years at Harvard ,” is written in the book of the rush , not enough patience
polished , as Mr. Xu Ciwei pointed out some inadequacies which does exist ; as for the book , ” love between men and women often talked about things ,” chee Wei Xu think ” rather not appropriate ” ( as informative memoirs ) , Shu Ping
is considered to be ” straightforward ” and ” true nature ” of the outpouring (as an individual ‘s autobiography ) , I do not make judgments, and prefer to see it as a ” moral judgment was postponed territory .”
But Shu Wen said “This year finally read a book really worth reading the book ,” I still feel a little exaggerated, if Zhongshu really think so , then it is on the well of ; but at the end of his article is still some approximation provocative words
I look after the shocking Barbara speechless, in fact, Mr. Shu Duokanjibian “My years at Harvard ” in the theory of the book and people will not say so up .

Han Ma Yuan has this to say in the ” Ring of Aniko Yan Tun book ,” I thought it was dark and the same as a warning, and willing to work with Mr. Shuping encouragement: Long

伯高敦thick Shen Zhou , mouth no choice words, modest about frugality , honesty public prestige, weight of my love , May Rucao effect of .
Du Jiliang gallant good sense , worry about people ‘s worries, the joy of music people , voicing nothing to lose ; father’s funeral caused passengers, the number of graduates to the county , I love the heavy , reluctant Rucao inferiors .
Bo high efficiency shall , Utah for the honor Edict of disabilities, not yet called carved swan duck class also.
Liang Ji effect shall not , for the world lightweight collapsible child , called to draw a tiger not a like a dog also.

most learned scholar Zhou Shen Shurei , mostly superficial generation Proton furious din .
Here I have absolutely no sarcasm Mr. Shuping ‘s article ” poor imitation like a dog ,” meaning, I just secretly shoe stores online for men that Mr. Xu Ciwei some praise to calm the apartment of ” derogatory ” may just be
Mr. oFUN understanding and respect , can not help but think of writing the book , Professor and Professor Xia Zhiqing Jaroslav Průšek period of war of words , ” battle of words ” between a pair of friends not only did not damage the friendship, but to see out of both sides of the academic demeanor
and demeanor ; and Mr. Shu Ping to tense posture not only largely misunderstood Xu intention of talking almost irrational , more regrettable that Mr. oFUN book reveal intimate peaceful tolerance
departure from the cultural atmosphere , but also dilute the memories are dispersed out of precious warmth.

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Recently, Mr. Zhou Hongming sent novel manuscript ” Hamburg Love” one , two, three , namely the novel ” collision Hamburg ” ” Hatred tsunami mind” and “transnational Love Love” , should I look to see womens pump .
Mr. Zhou Hongming desk lifetime , published a lot of the social science aspects of translation , the last twenty years , is committed to the compilation of language books , published several dictionaries, three of which have been exported to overseas.
He is a ripe old age , never written fiction , even once wrote three novels.
This aroused my curiosity and interest.
I find time to read the first two , the author of agile thinking , rich imagination and language proficiency , has impressed.

Life is grown in soil literature , author living in Shanghai , with three children and their descendants in Hamburg, Germany, has a home or business , its fourth generation has been born in Hamburg.
Shanghai and Hamburg real life experience is the basis for creation of the author .
On one end of the pen stories are in Hamburg , and the other end in Shanghai.
Characters in the story of thoughts, feelings and even fate , often rooted in Shanghai .
Relying on their knowledge of the psychological state of Shanghai in Hamburg to study some of the youth , and their faces and modality , into artistic conception and artistic image , vividly demonstrated in front of the reader.

home slippers for women strong narrative fiction , very readable.
“Man like mountains do not like flat ,” fiction plot development , ups and downs , loops and turns, fascinating.
” Tsunami love italian designer shoes Qiu Ji” and “Collision Hamburg ” Destiny hero are twists and turns , exciting.
Language fluency refining, vivid , the authors also good at using metaphor to make brilliant literary talent , so vivid characters .

In short , one of the oldest old and never write a novel , once wrote three new theme , very readable novel of love , which is a welcome novelty.
I applaud this purpose , and is willing to introduce readers to the book .

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” Eastern Tibet in mind,” the People’s Literature Publishing House Zong Pu

Zong Pu ‘s novel “East Tibet mind” Southwest Associated University life Japanese War as a backdrop, a Professor Meng Yue as the main description
when the living conditions of its population of Chinese intellectuals , emotional world, conduct and their different personality romantic temperament .
Ethnic hatred hate home country , a broken, even occupies the southwest corner , has not escaped the war invaders .
However, such troubled times , they still teach reading scholarship , still concerned about family and friends , the people favor because of the war has never lost thoughtful, Enron and delicate feelings.

Most of them are small gaffe , rarely troubled times of anxiety.
They mood ups and downs, but does not complain , still adhere to a reader’s own duty , such as alarms and bombing, a professor of physics Zhuang Chen reluctantly caught wine container soil also hug the experimental apparatus ; Mr. Meng Yue face history writing research articles , and
if not taboo to offend the authorities .
They are concerned about the current political situation changes in national peril , the cardinal issue never vague , and in itself is already outside the meantime, not a surreal world , but the chaos of them still Celebrex reading people’s minds to pursue , such as Mr. Meng Yue goes, “If
can save a little dip in the stream since the realm of green in the heart, is not easy . ”

Of course, their style, there are also differences in temperament , with visual research for the life of Chuang Chen wine container , there are immersed in the river where Fang Chu CLS has particularly harsh words A benevolence , Yao Qiu Er couple
there hobby clouds Ham , learning all terrible curse white Liwen , there are very good addition to learning can not help but run out of money by the philandering , and so on .
Chaos , everyone has their own destiny .
However, they generally present with a special kind of temperament, a man conscious of the text , is a matter of his own body and mind working knowledge of a recognized and respected, is still troubled in mind Celebrex aesthetic calm – bloom of
Fragrance flow to bomb Jumping cloud of dust .

also or so, ” Eastern Tibet in mind,” First of all that is written in Kunming very blue sky, when the “Poly was heavy as suet jade , like a knife edge as clear ax ; spread opinions faint
such as yarn , looked very floated , ” when you see the clouds floating in the narrative , such as the novel writing” Mei “who twice escaped alert the first time, the enemy just passing through, ” them out of the dugout , or see the sky as blue , clouds
or as elegant , bloom , or as fragrance ” ; second , they experienced a real air raid , ” Mey ” Bachu when people from the soil , ” or as the blue sky , white clouds tis still inadvertently floating grandfather .
alarm , aircraft , bombs flashed in her mind , she immediately realized that he was dead once already . ” clouds like contemplation of the characters’ inner growth giuseppe shoes women, cloud if there is a poetic , in a routine office
life, but also transcendent , aesthetic , is the war in pursuit of those studying the human soul .

There was a conversation impressed .
Kunming is the first student march , Zhang欣雷and Mey , Xiaowa there WeiWeired meet, Zhang is pleased to invite them to eat Western food.
Watching Mei ” Cut the bread into small pieces, carefully butter , a small population of a small stutter ,” Xin Lei said: ” Chao says people are affected by the environment , and you can no matter how bad the environment , there is always a clear air ,
or to say there is a clear expensive gas, very strange , ” WeiWeired thoughtfully said: .” . While eating the ‘ pudding ‘, we are in a world rich in the collective spirit , that power is great . ”

is consciously poetic .
Not that planted pots of chrysanthemum on vows to “take Ju Dong ,” the poetic , is heart hold on , at the foot of mud , the head of a cloud , ” to see the mountain .”

Zikai have one called ” alert for the matchmaker ,” the painting.
Fun under the alert does not draw clothing free shipping scurry conflict, but a pair of the blue painted red clothing for men and women sitting on the grass Liangya Jia Zhi , in romance .
Zikai in his “Art of fleeing ,” an article on this vivid description.
At that time , the Japanese landed in Nanning , captured the nearby Binyang Yishan , student teachers , young and old to flee Guizhou, bumpy roads , traffic jams.
So when the alarm response is too common thing.
But the way the painting reveal Quesihaowei see hardships and national calamity family worried indignation , or the life of the brush to the US – the kind of chaos in the beauty of human nature – to enchant them , giving the impression that there is still hope alive
there comfort, warm .
Floating in the air as the ruins of the general Kiyotaka fragrant bloom .

not necessarily all because of the chaos of war , the so-called Golden Age in fact dangerous, so depressed, fall or drift in fact do not have to make the grounds hostage era , it would reverse Yuzhu own mind and hold fast
or who have had their letters and read the firm or wavering .
In the condensed mind , just as a force.

The group has a rich spiritual world , should not be just in the novel , or the historical memory of the Southwest Associated University in it.

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Nineteenth Beijing Books Fair , held from today until the 11th , many books will debut at the show.
Here is part of the freshly baked books , so that more readers preview.

summer, I checked the diary is August 25 afternoon, I started reading Shi Tiesheng “My Ding a journey ,” the printout , read the next morning .

I get this manuscript on his tired sigh .
Previously heard him say in writing lengthy , was surprised .
He was only a few hours every other day spirit to endure lengthy , like the poor to accumulate money to buy a small house , why bother !
Now actually bought a house , my friends , of course like to congratulate him.

After reading again as he tired a bit.
Did not read before , I really did not expect this and so his house is decent .
Shi Tiesheng severely heart to Dali buy , even better scenery.
His novel , from Adam and Eve giuseppezanotti actually started writing , popular with a bad analogy , but it, like the ” Dream of Red Mansions ” in front of introduction, when the cry, and a cast of big net .
Shi Tiesheng net approach and the ” Dream of Red Mansions ” is different , very unique is that the novel by Ding , with ” I (the” Bank Soul “)” with “That’s history”, on three levels begin to explore and recourse
These three dimensions are intertwined with the actual situation and white, Mo identified human soul .

After reading I had an impression Shitiesheng ‘s hair , which for some is this :

whole novel makes sense.

I said designer shoe store ” makes sense ” , mainly referring to the issues raised and resolved manner .

structure , there is a big cover , very grand .

OK soul and human two lines are the actual situation of contrast , opened time and space .

The magician ‘s story is very exciting.

The idea of ​​acting is outstanding .

Ask appeared well.

This is a love story , that is the “I” and ” E ” in love.
Since the break up at Eden Park, mens zanotti sneakers , such as being split , so hard Acacia generations to find.
Usually written love story is written acquaintance, entanglement, better, trouble , happiness , or break up or death or disappeared.
Han Dong ‘s new book ” You and Me” was written , there are honest and good-looking .
Shi Tiesheng No, he is always in the analysis , in questioning , but also praise .
Why people come together to show people how betrayed people how obsessed Garden of Eden.
And so on .
He asked so much, so close, so warm , so serious.

even write sex .
In Shi Tiesheng previous works , the less positive write sex .
Both write , sex can not be avoided .
According to my investigation, most likely to expose the author to write sex aesthetic , fun , personality, position and flaws , you can see that he is willing wronged themselves , to see the relationship between the extent of the times .
In a write head ‘s sex will not be killed , like, dare , good face of the author is so polarized : frivolous and sincere .
The rest of the writers, though is listed as a master , such as Lu Xun , as Mr. Kafka , are solemnly avoided .
Furthermore writer, or surreptitiously sex for a moment, or a sheep’s head to sexual hang a bit, or all sorts of sex a bit hesitant to desperation .
They escaped the edge of the edge ah !
To say that someone is not proper to criticize myself , my sexual depictions on really very dizzy and strange.

read this novel, to understand nature can not be avoided .
Shi Tiesheng no escape , of course, no supermarket -like exhibition .
He was always calm and sincere .
He flashed sex and love not their own.
Everyone sexual confusion, inspired by it .
Fiction such confusion and appeal .
To ascertain that the front and rear of .
He inquired of God.

The novel is listed so much speculation , refused to follow the crowd , it sounds very nerve-racking ; but since it is a fiction , since it is Shi Tiesheng in writing , it is still the emotional tone of a good read .
There Shi Tiesheng type of bright text .
Sensual hard to describe, unless personally read.
This is the novel makes all analysts ashamed and incompetent place .
Inability to describe what I can , I read this novel in many passages , horseback trotting through the summer prairie feel.

I think , will be contested after the publication of this novel .
It is not the experience of people reading novels , reading it will think more thought, would be called love and sexual habits have new thinking.
Shi Tiesheng valuable , he wants a true.
Various types of reading experts will make their own interpretation of it, this novel has the power to hit them .

(” My Ding A Journey” text of the January ” long stories” , booklet recently published by the People’s Literature Publishing House )

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When it comes to management , it is easy to think of corporate governance.
In fact , there are human beings on the latest slippers for women who have forged by the organization , there is an organized management .
Families, businesses , governments have managed .
As different organizations , their management naturally has its own characteristics .
But as management, management of different organizations must have in common.
The commonality is managed in the most basic common law .

recently deceased management guru Peter Drucker put management is defined as a science and medical , practical disciplines like engineering , it is not the center of knowledge and logical reasoning, but to solve practical problems , judge
it is the highest authority of the standard results.
This shows that learning management is not to memorize a few roads are not complicated , but learn to use under different specific conditions.
Doctor of Management if even your own home also poor management , management is probably the white school .
Management is not just on paper, fighting a war on the sand table .

However , this does not deny the importance of learning books .
People can not always hands-on, paper talk about soldiers, the sandbox playing war is necessary.
Management is complex , involving all aspects of knowledge , which requires interdisciplinary to learn, to study.
In this variety of disciplines, history is certainly not lacking .
This is Mr. Xu Zhuoyun “From a historical perspective Management” ( Guangxi Normal University Press, August 2005 edition ) is all about.

Mr. Xu Zhuoyun is extremely accomplished historian , but he does not stick to historians and textual presentation , but from history to think about management and other issues.

In the thousands of years of Chinese history in which successful management experience , what are the lessons of failure , is a very rich heritage.
Unfortunately, until now, from a management perspective to conclude that this is a legacy not many.
This is Mr. Xu “From a historical perspective Management ” at precious .

Xu from thousands of years of history of the evolution of China concluded that any organization , whether national or enterprise , is a system .
A system includes different units , to make the system coherence and efficiency , we must solve three problems.
One is how to deal with between the various units at the strategic level , especially the relationship between headquarters and subordinate divisions , which are organizational problems.
Second, in what way to achieve control of the lower upper , implementation and supervision.
The third is how the employer , what people choose to perform various management functions.

organizational structure of many kinds of Chinese history , each corresponding to a different mode now .
These include : First, the feudal system , it is the modern equivalent of the McDonald’s chain network like mold free shipping fashion style , this is a system within each unit of loose contact .
Second, the system of prefectures and counties since the Qin Dynasty , the equivalent of today’s tree network , that the following is not an independent branch headquarters .
In this framework it is possible to separate branches .

Xu ‘s book is a speech at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management , the appendix in the book there is a dialogue with the students questions and answers to the issues involved broadened and deepened .
Not directly listen to shop online for shoes master lectures, reading this book is a pleasure.

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Been to Vienna .
Viennese tell you: in the city breathe , the air you breathe every bite are jumping in the beautiful notes.
This is one owned by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert discount giuseppe zanotti shoes, Strauss, Brahms city , Vienna has reason to say or think .

Been to Rome.
Romans tell you: walking in the city , you will be kicked every stone tells a thousand stories.
Of course , you do not kick the Roman stone, because Roman stone also knock foot.
But the face of thousands of years, the city stands the sculpture and architecture , the Romans have reason to say or think .

Living in Shanghai .
Shanghai people can not tell you : shopping in the city , every corner you turn the will collide with the legends about the movie.
In fact, as the birthplace of Chinese cinema and the city, Shanghai people have reason to say or think .

Shanghai since its inception is open and sensitive city.
1895 film debut recently in Paris cafes , in 1896 it appeared in Shanghai playground .
China ‘s first movie ” Ding Jun Shan ” was born in 1905 in Beijing .
But China’s first feature film , the first cartoon , first cinema , the first production company , and the first batch of film director and star, but to shoot straight rise in Shanghai .
Shanghai became the first of the Chinese films .

Shanghai to become China’s movie capital is not accidental.
Movies in Shanghai an appearance , it is no longer entertain fancier rooms , but a grand entertainment business with the public consumption of marriage.
Movies nature is entertainment, entertainment is a public body .
Shanghai has a mature business foundation and huge public spending, coupled with the development of the film industry needs funds bubbling flow requires artistic or industrial or commercial talent , leading to Shanghai to become prosperous Chinese movies and bustling place .

In China Film hundred years, Shanghai has always been turbulent mainstream movies .
Although there is ebb tide .
Film is an important landscape Shanghai city ; and more importantly, the film is important scenes of life in Shanghai .
Shanghai Shanghai Film artificially contributed People’s Republic of China national anthem and pride ; and to contribute the largest number of pieces of the most complete movie and relish, as has the largest and most influential stars and enraptured .
Shanghai city filled with movie atmosphere.

In this moment to commemorate a century of Chinese cinema sandals shop online, ” Xinmin Evening News” reporter Explanations written appeal to the preparation of the Shanghai Film tour map to highlight Shanghai high heel film history and reality series , causing
Shanghai community’s enthusiastic echo.
Shanghai Film Group, Shanghai Film as an important heritage, duty-bound to be more direct echo.
East Movie Channel host dew and her team , diligent thinking, sensitive to the action , with just two months time, with two versions of the text and images to complete the ” sea movie map .”

” sea movie map ” does not pursue the movie Chronicles like Broad and complete , but chose cavalier perspective of narrative thinking, seeks to outline the basic outline of the important Shanghai Film silhouette .
It is to host a personal point of view , the free circulation at the Shanghai Film ‘s obvious scene , and the first person tone , heart and talk freely about the Shanghai Film legends and stories.
Viewpoint seems to be free even rambling , about seems to be sensual and even personality , but in the framework of nine chapters , the narrator was permeated with the choice of vision, permeated with the narrator ‘s rational coaching .
So , both as a basic context of cobweb -like links Shanghai Film development, but also enchant the growth and development of the law of the gene Shanghai Film.
A large number of historical photographs of carefully selected and informative appendices added , expanding the book’s historical atmosphere and practical value.

This is a movie about Shanghai Guidance and guides sensibility abridged .

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” Enlightenment business” – just look at the title to be curious : Enlightenment thinking has always been linked with the genius of Voltaire , Montesquieu , French philosopher Diderot , etc. , and with profitable
business matter?
Famous European cultural history Princeton University professor Robert Darnton is regarded as a symbol of enlightenment through tracking ” encyclopedia ” of publishing , revision and sales process , from the perspective of social history, history books , history and other commercial depicts a lifelike
Age of Enlightenment .
The book ‘s central figure is not ” encyclopedia ” of the famous editor of Diderot , but the media magnate eighteenth-century France Pang Kuke its partners.
It is through their efforts, “Encyclopedia oxford pumps book” have a more inexpensive version , and large-scale spread in France and other European countries , so as to reach the hands of ordinary readers.

Darnton is ” encyclopedia ” do pass , its ” Life ” aspects ( such as making books, the spread of piracy ) are specifically established eleven chapters outline and demonstrate writing the Age of Enlightenment
complex relationships between people, publishers, printers , printing workers and readers , which built and ” Encyclopedia ” is closely related to social life and character of the world .
We see : good personal gain bookseller and the French Academy , Academy of Sciences of the name of their dealings ; expand trade war between publishers , consultation , compromise ; paper supply business people for their brains to carve interests into a split .
Living in the center of this world is Pangku Ke , his life is a legend.
Apprenticeship , he is the eighth 1970s and 1980s , it suddenly becomes a giant publishing industry .
A total investment of over 16 kinds of newspapers in his career, has also published a number of multi-volume books.
The publisher was much more conservative , always through the publication of the classic legal corpus and religious writings obtain steady but limited income .
庞库克is different, he dared to invest big book and the book jacket .
In order to reduce the financial risk of these businesses , “he establish a partnership , the sale of shares , the formation of complex lending relationship .”
In short, he injected the entrepreneurial spirit of the book trade .
In庞库克its partner business , ” encyclopedia ” ushered in a torrent of surging orders in publishing history has created a miracle.

In the story behind this successful business , it is puzzling is that the ” Encyclopedia ” in 1751 when the first volume came to be regarded as dangerous books authorities , ” has been the old orthodoxy and old
who publicly criticized the defense system . ”
After more than twenty years why the French government to allow deviant book Daxing Road ?
This first is that the early reign of Louis XVI Louis XV dynasty enlightened than some , but more important is庞库克learned to rely on the authorities functioning business, he sought to make powerful protection , reducing ” encyclopedia ” to challenge the authority of the tone of the business
interests ahead of ideology.
With the author ‘s words, he “was at the center of the system to do speculative business .”
In addition to the government side, the publishers have to sell their products to the public .
Eighteenth-century publisher ‘s marketing strategy is that to sell ” encyclopedia ” you can not make it look unattainable.
They believe that ” in order to seem like a lot of people will have the knowledge to buy fashionable character ” encyclopedia “”, so they make a fuss in the sales propaganda on taste , knowledge .
Even better, though the book has been the government ‘s acquiescence and even support , but the authorities did not give up on the surface of its repression, it can not advertise on the French press.
As a result , publishers get a double benefit: “In the not publicly acknowledged the use of official protection , while you can take advantage of the attractiveness of illegal publications of profit .”
Thus, the commercial profit -driven, successful marketing strategy , intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of arty readers have contributed to the further development of the Enlightenment .
Then, ” Encyclopedia giuseppe zanotti us” What exactly is the person who ordered ?
It favored social strata which ?
Darnton empirical analysis of this issue come to a surprising conclusion: the commercial and industrial bourgeoisie ” encyclopedia ” no interest , the book of the nobility , judges, clergy and other traditional elites pour more attractive


This book was born in 1979 .
In the 1960s and 1970s , ” bottom-up history ” theory in the ascendant , while the printed cultural history also received increasing attention , precisely under such academic background, Darnton determination around the ” Encyclopedia ” written from
bottom-up look at the history of the Enlightenment .
Which relate to the history of the economy and technology, history and the history of library management and advertising printing workers , and so on .
In Darnton opinion , printers are not ” just did not like the personality of the underlying workers …… Diderot put his soul absorbed into the ” encyclopedia “of the text to go , they also put their own personalized printed in the Encyclopedia
on ” book pages .
Focus on labor , printing technology and business operations , are built on the basis of extensive historical data above .
On closer examination of all the literature published the ” Encyclopedia ” Swiss Neuchatel printing company left behind on these complex disorder , carefully combing obscure historical data , reflecting the author extraordinary insight.
In addition , early brief experience as a reporter , but also the history of the publishing more keen observation .
These conditions prompted the publication of this book in the year it won the award leogershoy US giuseppe zanotti platform wedge Historical Society and became a model for publishing history research.

(” Enlightenment business : 0026 lt; Encyclopedia 0026 gt; publishing history ( 1775-1800 ) ,” with Robert Darnton , leaves Tong , Gu Hang translation, Sanlian December 2005 edition

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I had missed the chance to met Mr. Blan , has very sorry.
Ten years ago to study the North , I and several students to spend time in charge of academic lectures , invited Mr. Wang had done for us , ” Literature Talk .”
At that time he lived southeast of the city of Puhuangyu , quite far away from the North , I did that with another school together with red high heels , please pick up the old Wang .
But can not remember what the reason , but I could not go into that night also did not listen to lectures .
Later, I asked my students to describe Mr. Wang ‘s image, he just said so a – ! ” An old man , his eyes particularly bright ” is such a simple description, made ​​me even more fascinated to Mr. Wang and imagination so far, its regret it
regret , but also every reflected deep.
However , Lu Jianhua of ” Blan seasons ” (Henan People’s Publishing House ) for writing Zengqi creative process and life on the road and its image clear and vivid characterization , made me old Wang approached in another sense.
More importantly , reading the land , I have more in-depth taste of Blan spiritual world , especially as its core spirit of the world ‘s ” dedication and passion born .”

For Zengqi speaking , Shen should be its most important mentor .
Lu’s book with a lot of space chronicles Zengqi and Shen Congwen exchanges , to read touching.
1948 spring, when Zengqi in Peking because job seekers without a pessimistic depressed when Shen Congwen once told he had been such a comfort : ! “Has kei , do not do this , do not be so important is the life of ‘ perseverance ‘ , to
life who is giuseppe zanotti passionate about . even in the face of harsh reality , and do not feel that ‘ things are completely useless , but also a no to’ . one is always the creation of his own to make this world a better some , give this
giuseppe zannotti world a little more good things . in no adversity , we can not lose taste for life with a lyrical and not lose the love for life . ” in 1958, Zengqi was labeled ” rightists during the ” decentralization of labor
Shen Congwen and often wrote , comfort and encourage him , said: ” the Times , as a floating froth personal insignificance , should properly live life to adapt to a variety of habit , just like a modern …… enthusiasm and naive to live
accept everything that makes life truly fulfilling strong together . ” So, for the dedication and enthusiasm of Health , has been Zengqi basic attitude towards life is born good Jian destiny in life when spiritual resources to resist it .
In the southwest of difficult years , Zengqi read, devote themselves to reading , began his literary creation ; Refugees Shanghai during teaching high school, he alone shabby homes ( tin shed ) , but also to enjoy themselves , reading and writing ; even
as in the “right” of four years , “is not fun to live with the loss of lyrical , and about life, love life, love ,” to work with enthusiasm , to reach China ‘s land and farmers
or even ” sitting on a bunch of flowers, such as tiger eye Jiong ” completed a ” Chinese potato Atlas ” , and such a spirit , and Shen, ” the ancient Chinese costumes research” of writing , but is too similar!
Language adversity Besides this, the more smoothly in the future of the ” New Era ” , his life and creation , but also brought out a different kind of glory.

generally thought to WANG most “complex” experience, is his ” Cultural Revolution” served as “Sha Jia Bang ” of the main writers and subject to Jiang ‘s ” appreciation .”
Lu’s book is not Conceal , in a very faithful account of Zengqi “Cultural Revolution ” At the same experience , very detailed and convincingly reveals the spirit of the special situation of Zengqi distortion did not happen, he was just a fairly common
attitude to look at his ” good friend .”
He was ” grateful to both for Jiang Qing , and fear, and sometimes showing a little arrogant intellectuals and somewhat contented , but not servile , but is not flattery .”
So he does not顾江青”Wild mouth too much ,” the accused “Sha Jia Bang ” and ” fry ” a field , sneak retained the Qingsao ” built up seven kitchen” That period came to be known widely sung lyrics .
In May 1970 , when he boarded the Tiananmen get “political honor “, ” there is no excitement ‘ blood boil ‘ ,” but ” laid on the table looking at a large share of the draft articles also changed changed , actually
to the military representative suggested : ‘ can other for Yang to go? ‘ “These are written so that we recognize the dedication and love Zengqi is undoubtedly a healthy, pure and bright and clean life.
This life , has its own dignity and the bottom line.
Blan spiritual personality , without the slightest effort and impurities , it is no contemptible political ingratiate oneself .
In fact, Zengqi was Miss forward to , ” fortune Xiang Yi ” as outlined precise and appropriate “Cultural Revolution” experience , but also reveal and interpret his “life ‘s dedication and enthusiasm” has rich content , provide another sense of ”
Khao refining ” Blan spirit and personality of ” valuable ” opportunity.
As a result, the writings of Lu Jianhua , inverted enable us to further ponder including intellectuals , including how to treat each individual life floating up sink their own destiny .
In the canopy when delivered , to maintain “life dedication and enthusiasm ” Since the case is not easy, but being power ” grace ” and “honor select the” time, he will not haughty , not carried away, so stay awake , stick to the bottom line,
clinging to a healthy, bright and clean and Celebrex dignified “life” , it is even more difficult.
I think this revelation Consideration for the current fate of intellectuals , should have outstanding significance.
Almost most

For Zengqi including the ” ordained ” ” uncanny ” ” Da Nao ” and ” Three Friends of Winter ,” and even his early novel ” Old Lu ” and ” sheep overnight ,” etc.,
important works , Lu Jianhua very detailed account of their ” production process ” , the source of life , such as work , Archetypes , creative origin, course and after writing published , we can derive a comprehensive understanding.
The author of the study and elucidation of works , even more so that we recognize that the ” raw tenacity and passion ,” Blan novels is also the most fundamental spiritual characteristics.
For this, or Lu Jianhua summary of the most precise and appropriate .
He said Zengqi ” in the performance of the old social life , always make an inner emotion is always filled with joy at the work being . This makes his work has always maintained a healthy tone, led upward , increasing people for
confident ” of life.
Read the land with, it is for the ” Blan world” deeply intoxicated.
“An old man , his eyes particularly bright !”
It is in this way I approached Mr. Wang to make up his own regret decade ago – thanks Lu Jianhua !

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Ibsen’s famous play ” A Doll’s House ” heroine “Nora ” is a beautiful and innocent woman, her husband has always been the center for their own lives .
Due to one single accident, she suddenly awakened from the surface of marriage revel in childish harmony , decided to flee .

Well, Nora after leaving in the end how?
Ibsen did not answer and no answer responsibility.
The problem came from the work of 1879 , has always puzzled people .
According to Mr. Lu Xun analysis ” ? Nora left how ” of the end of 1923 speech at the Beijing Women’s Higher Normal School , Nora left only two : not fall, is back.

fashion store online reading the trip plus writer Zeng Wen recently published novel ” West Side of Texas ” ( Baihua Literature and Art Publishing House ) , we found a third way for contemporary ” Nora” , that is
in a difficult bravely live.

” West Side Story of Texas ” heroine舒嘉雯and her husband , Dr. Han Yu exhausted after years of the Cold War , decided to leave the marriage .
If you do not run away , she can naturally when “Dr. Mrs. “, ” read along with his wife ,” but she can live without love marriage ; weak woman to reside in a foreign country , the exodus , perhaps doomed to pay a heavy

burst out between舒嘉雯passion togetherness and ” wage earners” Arie

later, it seems that soon got her to seek happiness, however , They was immigration agents to ” intentionally hiring, harboring illegal
immigrants ” to arrest , both in jail .

In the ” suicide watch room” where舒嘉雯body and mind on the verge of collapse, but the will to live , family love, so she refused to invite death .
She emigrated alone after Gilbert was released from prison in Canada, looking for a peaceful sky , but waiting for them to be more long parting .

in the range of immigrant literature , the authors Zeng Wen inventive, with a special perspective to explore the history of the heroine’s spiritual growth .
” West Side Story of Texas ” is a pain , wandering and stories about the struggle choice, but it did not succeed early settlers novels or happy endings .
For Shujia Wen , life is a constant search for self, confirms humanity, seeking the meaning of life in the process.
She chased the American dream by giving up , to make her character becomes tough in a series of tragedies in life .
Her loss , loss, and even the occasional sink , perhaps represents the mentality of many overseas Chinese living woman zanotti booties , but she ‘s addicted , self- updating and sandals shoes makes her personality has the power of incentives .

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