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Chinese people across the Taiwan Strait , due to reasons known to all , the separation has been 56 years , which means that more than half a century .
In the long history of mankind , half a century of course just a moment , but for a family or a nation, half a century is a long period of time , it is often the experience of two generations or three generations periods .
In the long years of living in the Taiwan Strait , inextricably connected hundreds of thousands of families and people , experience, and endured great pain caused due to the separation , so people across the Taiwan Strait , as long as I remember myself
are descendants of the Chinese nation , it will inevitably eagerly looking forward to a unified cross-strait communication, nation and state.

Fujian power faction recently finished reading the novel novelist Yang Shaoheng new ” Straits of pain” ( Hunan Art Publishing House ) , an upsurge can not be calm , historical pain caused due to the separation of cross-strait on and
both sides of the issue of reunification , long linger in the hearts .
It should be said that this is a film about the history and current situation of the Strait of profound and moving as it put pen to paper is to live in the Taiwan Strait Du , Luo two historical grievances , joys and sorrows , twists and turns moving story , dwell on the mainland People’s Liberation Army generals Du Ronglin
and first fled to the mainland , between Kinmen , Taiwan’s Kuomintang officers , spies and has become bandits , and later became entrepreneurs to invest in the mainland Luo into these two characters , ” Strait of pain” , they can say all with
this ” pain” to leave the earth .
Anyone who can read at a glance , however , Du , Luo two scores over half a century stories and Durong Lin , Luo into the heart of the “pain” , but it is a reflection of the Taiwan Strait and thousands of thousands of families
people across the Taiwan Strait due to the disaster caused by the separation and trauma .
This ” Strait of pain” is part of the entire Chinese nation , but also belong to the twentieth century has been lost !
Of course, the novel ” Strait of pain” by Du , Luo two of the “Straits of pain” demonstrated by the nation ‘s pain, pain century , is the end of the cross-strait separating state and oppose Taiwan independence , reunification of the Chinese nation.
sincere and strong call !
This call is not only timely , but also a powerful , stirring , touching the heart of !
This is the theme of this novel reflects the profound , but also its artistic charm lies.

I am a professional fiction readers , the last three decades , only to read thousands of novels , but like the “Straits of pain” so strongly attracted me, letting me feel an upsurge of reading
a long time to calm the works but not much.
This is because the “Straits of pain” is not only a great and profound themes , there is a tortuous and moving, full of legendary stories.

The story began in early 1949 autumn Taiwanese mountain valley called the Dragon ‘s an ambush .
At that time , crossing the south into the People’s Liberation Army ( Taiwanese people then called the army ) defeated Kuomintang fled to pursue this, “army ” of a company commander Du Ronglin rate an even playing a valley in Longtan ambushes , the preparation by western Fujian
Xiamen, a shipping family fled KMT team defeated , the guard ‘s ” national army” Captain Luo Jin a strike scattered.
Luo Jin ‘s wife Liu Xiaofeng missing.
His daughter was born just three months , ” army” shelter , foster care , first in the farm , and later as an occasional accident by Du Ronglin adoption, become DU ‘s daughter , named Elsie Hill .
Luo fall into the hands of bandits in bigeye Lu fled during and after the occupation of bandits .
Longtan Valley ambushes played Du , Luo two scores over half a century story , but also demonstrate the Taiwan Strait separating the pain caused by the nation .
As a party to the “national army” , Luo Jin began to find his wife and daughter a few drops into a few legendary continent -like experience: four pounds in his pseudonym Liu Lu bigeye place when a small bandit leader , and later to take advantage of “army
” bandits bent on nine battle to make the occasion Lu Department of bigeye annihilated escape, ” first westward , sneaked into the mountains from western Guangdong , Fujian Longyan fled into the area , and then turning southbound ” through his childhood lived in Chaoshan
and then ” from Panyu adrift in a small boat boarded a Xiaogang Pearl , sneaking in Hong Kong in the night ” and then as ” mainland refugees” from Hong Kong to Taiwan .
After Taiwan , adding that ” national army” intelligence service , sent to Golden Gate squatting tunnels continent intelligence gathering , manufacturing had a ” psychological warfare ” case , Jiaoqin of Sichuan “To杜营长letter .”
Recognizing the Golden Gate opened in the pub , and later became his wife a widow Shu-Ling Wu .
In mid-July 1953 , and he joined the ” retake the mainland ” and ” national army” boarded Dongshan Island , attempting to return to the mainland , only three days that failed.
Later, Shu-Ling Wu from the Golden Gate and back to Taichung , Luo Jin returned to Taipei , as an intelligence officer named Constance Chan of the KMT ‘s ” confessed ” involving ” Espionage ” case , almost lost his life .
Rescued by Shu-Ling Wu , finally released from prison , and as “anti-communist Tingjinjun special detachment ,” the commander was sent back to the mainland .
But this “special detachment ” As we enter the mainland , that desperate , 10 Feite , or killed , or captured alive , Luo Jin relatively good grace , the initiative to surrender , and to conceal the history , only a lenient sentence of ten years in prison.
After serving farm labor in southern Jiangxi , Luo Jin released from prison , refused to leave the field of employment , return to Liu Xiaofeng hometown Zhangzhou , stem from a pack rat to make a living , and often come and go in Longtan Valley area, is looking for his wife and children separated year
After several twists and turns, he was near the door in Valley Village, Longtan earth saw this when barefoot doctors called Du Hill ‘s daughter, but did not dare to recognize .
Soon, because of Shu-Ling Wu relatives in the United States turn to use letters to senior Communist Party leaders , therefore, Luo Jin holding a one-way permit to Hong Kong to leave the mainland to Taiwan via Hong Kong again , ending his nearly ten years of wandering in the mainland .
Later, he several times across the Taiwan Strait , travel between the mainland and the island of Taiwan , however , he has a variety of legal status , and the purpose or one : to find his wife and daughter .
Has been to recognize and daughter , separated from his wife Liu Xiaofeng also find traces of late searching , finally shouting heartache leave this world .
Luo into the tortuous and full of legendary over half a century of cross-strait exchanges in life experiences , we can say it is the epitome of a half-century dramatic relations across the Taiwan Strait .
And Durong Lin ‘s story it can also be said to be quite moving and full of twists and turns legendary .
The company commander from the southern part of Hebei Province , due to a chance to be transferred back to the Taiwanese mountain bandits protect food from his squadron , and it did not , and the company of his comrades and his instructor at the beginning of spring even put together the bones to stay in Kinmen Island
on .
However , he later experiences also ring true .
Battle after nine bend , due to injuries in hospital, I met a careful care of his nurse Qin Xiuzhen , have feelings , do not marry a non秦秀珍.
But Father秦秀珍of Taiwan ‘s Kuomintang officer is to escape Qin Chuan , the superior has not approved his marriage with秦秀珍.
Later, after reluctantly approved , and because enemy agents manufactured Qin Chuan “To杜营长letter ” case , lack of trust and enhance long .
To the eve of the “Cultural Revolution” , an opportunity to enhance the head of his , but because of the early “Cultural Revolution” Du Shan rebels and their parents to find Qin Xiuzhen photo is said to be looking forward to ” national army” retake the mainland and cause Qin Xiuzhen suicide , Du Ronglin
also, because the rush of time was defined as ” capitalist roaders ” in Chen Shi Hong Kong to the barracks was dismissed taken shelter in western Fujian , which is undoubtedly a great Durong Lin double whammy .
After the “Cultural Revolution” , although he gradually rose to deputy commander of an army , entered the senior commanders of the column , but soon retired into the retired cadres to see grandchildren.
More importantly , the liberation of Kinmen and Taiwan in the foreseeable future , but also throw in Kinmen comrades bones can not take back , hatred is not reported , the daughter of Mrs Hill has been known to go and flee the United States , it’s all make this revolution a lifetime of “big
North bar “by the blow, especially to see his half-century rival Luo Jin Chuang swagger back to the mainland , recognized his daughter walked in Longtan valley Resort repair , leaving him angry and frustrated.
Finally, he is overlooking the sea and the sky , after shouting “pain ” word and bid farewell to this world.

The reason I so afraid to repeat it bother Luo Jin, Du Ronglin two half century occurred in the twists and turns moving across the Taiwan Strait and the legendary story, retelling the pain this can be called a nation and
century, the pain of the tragedy of the story , not only because it is moving , shoes online is attractive and artistic charm , more importantly, is this the story of the pain of the Strait of thought-provoking , but also people deeply inspired .
The author tells the story at the time of the actual situation and white approach adopted is also noteworthy .
We see that in the narrator’s narrative, half a century ago, events are happening across the Taiwan Strait in history when evidence from the 1949 autumn Taiwanese liberation Battle of Xiamen , Kinmen defeat, to July 1953
Dongshan battle , to the “Cultural Revolution ” in the various events , until the twenty clothes online shopping sites compatriots return to the mid- 1980s, the influx of mainland to visit relatives , and then came the influx of Taiwanese investment in the mainland enterprises to do this big
background is completely Record ; As Du , Luo two legendary experiences and tragic story , are entirely According to historical fiction.
Such a real one is true, the actual situation and white narrative method , naturally has its strengths and weaknesses.
Its strengths , because true description of the background plus depicts Taiwanese style , so Du , Luo two fictional story more realistic people ; their weaknesses , due to write the true background , Du , Luo two fictional
the real background of the story is limited , and thus dragged longer, also written more scattered , more minor , it is not enough to focus .

novel image-building of several main characters are also commendable.
Du Ronglin this orphan from rural southern Hebei Province , is growing up in the revolutionary army, army commanders excellent him from the late 1940s onwards army south to the western side of Taiwan , has been rooted in the coastal line of defense : As the era
with a variety of historical factors , his liberation Kinmen , Taiwan ‘s long-cherished wish , although not yet implemented , to the Golden Gate comrades back back bones , revenge for his comrades failed to pay ambition finally come to grief can also be said to leave this world .
However, this is called the ” Great Northern bars ,” the tall soldier image is unique , with a high aesthetic value .
He was not only a brave enemy, resourceful and skilled soldier , from his wife秦秀珍treat attitude , love for the daughter Elsie Hill , comrade Chen Shi Hong Kong on various aspects of justice , especially in the north back from his old one
the late comrade home visits and prepare mountain valley in Longtan pavilion built to commemorate the fall of the company that his army a point of view, his mind is quite beautiful .
He ‘s stubborn and intertwined his kindness , his abhorrence of evil , stand firm with broad-minded , the times of unity, become a fairly tall and highly realistic image of the old commander of the PLA .
And the image of Romania into it, but also very complex multi-dimensional , three-dimensional rather plump , he is both the KMT retreat in a junior officer , the offense is committed Feite , and later was enthusiastic Taiwanese investment in mainland .
Although he lost out on free shipping clothing stores thoughts of his wife and daughter several times across the Taiwan Strait , travel between Taiwan and the mainland, but have demonstrated experience and desire to go to Taiwan ‘s former Kuomintang majority of military personnel , with some
typical meaning and aesthetic value.
Luo Jin ‘s daughter, Durong Lin ‘s daughter Elsie Hill ‘s image is quite unique .
Du mountains and deep feelings杜荣林performance , and her stubborn personality , are pondering twist , but the latter part of the novel, the image of the art color seems a bit less .
Overall, Durong Lin , Luo Jin, Du Shan ‘s image are quite successful , they not only have the typical, in a sense , but also has a certain symbolic .

Yang Shaoheng novels on narrative tone gradually showing characteristics, not only has the objectivity , but also quite seasoned humor , in some places the appropriate inclusion into the Taiwanese dialects , but also quite a taste.
This unique charm of the narrative tone , first revealed in his recent short stories , novels and recent works from this point of view, this narrative seem more calm tone better .
Fiction is an art of narrative , narrative skills mean mature mature novels .
I certainly less balanced for maturing fiction art are very happy , but in order to do some analysis in this regard , I am afraid to another is a text of the .
Stop right now .

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In the secular dust Hunhundundun , over time , naturally, heart weariness.
Tao Yuanming inadvertently read again “return home vegetable garden ,” and felt God clear air out .
Yin could not help but repeatedly read and superficial interpretation, I hope no misunderstanding Drifting .

” Homeward Bound ! countryside will wu ” It ages one to sing , thought-provoking , life wisdom, all in one.
” Hermitage ” may have been a dream of many people .
But many people simply are not proud when temporary escape , really like Tao Yuanming as passionate and firmly shouted ” go back ” , the “big four seas , few people tonight ? ” From “return home vegetable garden “, the
we can clearly see that his hermit not escape, not hypocritical , not the helpless, the only choice is not nowhere to go.

” Homeward Bound ! ” a ” go back ” , rich , a confirmation of the homeland of the soul attribution , “There are things Quartet ” and “storm is not static ,” the official poet to
say just ” off-site ” and ” foreign land ” , is a personal spiritual unable rooting ” wandering to .”
In drifting , the care of the soul is always idyllic homeland .
“Pastoral will wu ” , his spirit is it not almost deserted it?
Song Ju courtyard also seems to miss the poet , right ?
Otherwise, how will the same as in the thoughts of the poet pining ?

” Lost ‘s not real far , felt this was wrong .” This shows that the author of the Hermitage is not acting on impulse , not from the outside world ” career unexpectedly ” , but a profound reflection
, is on the future and destiny of the rational choice is to keep yourself from thinking and nature .
Here , Dow ‘s ” go back ” from the “knowledge only ” and ” knowing ” wisdom , his joy is joy turn to the life of a wise man , and it is this wisdom that shows the time and Tao Yuanming later
different many ” hermit ” in .

to see , whether it is court in Lone Pine , or mountain Lonely , plants and trees are worthy of his pastoral nostalgia .
Relatives interviews , reading can be fun playing their hearts ; participate in spring , climbing fast patrol can sink its meaning .
Or climb Shu Xiao, Archaeology poetry .
Since then, the lonely, melancholy and his insulation.
Although a limited life , but he only giuseppe zanotti store hours do not require wealth , but do not expect wonderland , so now willing wonderful time , their own into which to swim alone solitary , carefree , this life.

He has confirmed that consuming bureaucratic life is life , should be discarded entirely .
Because ” although frozen cut hunger , had illegally cross disease” ah.

So, he ‘s Hermitage is voluntarily giving up the return of officialdom , is giuseppe zanotti dubai dedication of my life looking for the real return .
He does not wild, not sink , aged sincere and full of life and love of nature , he has done is to pursue the inner life of freedom , the spiritual sustenance and pastoral , in the mundane reality of subjective emotions and the natural world in unity , in plowing the fields feast
Wing chewing true value of life , resulting in a large relief spiritually.

any things change, inconstancy , only I remain unchanged , are seeking the same, is going with nature, Unconventional natural Dahua being .
At this moment, he was finally bridge the split personality , self Chantui out after years of difficult and painful search for wandering.
Life thus complete .

soul attributable to find people are happy , Tao Yuanming is happy .
Tao Yuanming happiness is that he has a gentle, pleasant wife.
” Normalized Sonoda Habitat” did not deliberately written to the lovely woman , but her image was clearly highlighted in the text of Tao .
Think about it, how many people on the ” disappointing ” , do not make progress , do not put more officers were ridiculed , complain, blame , and even resentment , but this woman did not cry out , respect and understanding of her husband’s choice,
considerate giuseppe zanotti gladiator sandals arrange family welcomed the return of Tao Yuanming resign and let him feel relaxed ; warm wine to make fun of Tao , let him feel warm ; various transaction processing makes him a good home, these carefree ……
it sounds very simple thing , really want to do , but is not so easy .

Red Dust , do not know how many people can find their own physical and mental sustenance real attribution, to find the most suitable for their way of life , nor to find how many people can be like Tao Yuanming , as there is an ironing
and intimate partner.

” Homeward Bound ! ” Just , you find their homes do ?

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See the plain truth of the month hit admired poet Islamabad and the poetry.
When I read it in one breath finished his latest collection of poems , ” The other side of the Butterfly Spring ,” and can not help being poured out of poetic verse each line impressed .
Islamabad ‘s poetry always gives the impression it is very simple, but the language has a unique rustic charm .
His poetry , with a high artistic level.

the essence of poetry is the language of art, is accurately capture images after the poet , but also into their re-creation of life experience .
At the same time , it is the poet ‘s personal thoughts and feelings natural to us.
Islamabad ‘s poem , see the truth in the flat .
Poets write simple spiritual simplicity verse , tempting the joy of reading .
Poet wrote: Beauty is a mountain in the flatter water lilies the names of shoe stores mostly pro mortals see over the Dutch mud buried lotus

water lilies and the Netherlands are
Dutch sisters around the cottage familiar cold days we dug Ouhua thank our vain Picking except water lilies choking smoke of a field and the Swan Lake Tianchi central mirror immortal lotus flower we sing in the book of
singing forget the face of this poem written very mood and charm, there is a fresh reading speak idyllic atmosphere blowing.
Poet to create imagery in the application and the mood just right , so I have immersive feel.
He used the language is simple and clean, simple and refined .
These statements clearly been carefully selected and clever arrangements , so let me in the poet ‘s tribute to the beauty of tenderness , the kind of leisurely experience the quiet and tranquil truth.

In addition to the elegant lyricism in his another poem 0026 lt; pound female clothing 0026 gt; , he wrote : a stick Organisations spread his lifetime mind / fish have read , water vine
gently dance / pound female clothing in addition to river / water out of the flowers , the people come to understand , the natural flow of the poem in discount shoes, can be so elegant and lyrical .

like this beautiful and moving in the sentence in this book of poems , is everywhere .
Such as , the poet wrote: moon hill town like my friend went out the window again / come and go / leave one or heavy or light or current or hidden deeds /
a fictional village / a book in my / sandals shop online over the years have grown in prosperity and 0026 lt; Hunan Women passionate 0026 gt; is a kind of very ethereal beauty, totally called , is a poet and describe their ethereal mood
representative works : leave a tear owner / Hunan Women is a drought Dutch / tenderness hid flower / wind bent slender vine / I must play an umbrella / best a homemade paper umbrella / rush in pink
March , continue to rent the canoe / river sway in Xiaoxiang long , adaptable / head down / hope again Xiang woman passionate knocked

from this, we can see that the poet accustomed to life
valuable Exploration to write memories of the soul.
More adept in calm narrative, with simple text, readers showing a strong nostalgia .
His writing is delicate , beautiful mood.
In the words of the beautiful and elegant , serene mood everywhere and gentle , but no trace of cutesy marks.
I had to admire the author’s unique “Poetry eye .” Obviously , the poet does not like to do in the form of superficial and techniques and so on.
But with their own unique ideas, put pen soul symphony performance of the head , his poetry , the flat to see the truth , like a river aroma of water , carrying the poet ‘s Peony Pavilion .
( And these are very particular about the rhythm and rhyme of poetry works , are fully reflected in the poet in pursuing unconventional effect of expression , while he also succeeded in doing this. ) So I have read after a long time of immersion
, unable to extricate themselves .
I have always believed that the poet must have a unique life experience , otherwise , he would not write such a profound and meaningful poetry .

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1 high school , love is a luxury few people can afford to have .
College, love is everyday , not very shabby.
University campus is a stage.
Each college audience is also an actor .
But often awake in someone else’s story , in his own story blind .

2. face this problem to some extent will affect the girls dormitory relationships .

3. girls freshman hurry to find a boyfriend because the newly liberated to taste fresh !
When sophomore girls hurry to find a boyfriend because finally discovered how college life is empty and boring.
When junior hurry to find a boyfriend is often out of competition, because the girls around him seemed to have a boyfriend , senior always tend to be in a hurry to find a boyfriend or a springboard to find long-term meal ticket .

4 if there are a lot of men chasing a woman , either she was particularly attractive, all conditions are very favorable ; or she understands the psychology of men , able to know ourselves , know yourself .

5. Paoniu real master is never taken the initiative to stick girls .
The real master of its own to go to the girls Xunsimihuo gestures .
As a taste of the real attractive men will understand that most of the world for him to get a woman in bed , a small woman can make him touched upon very few women got the idea to let him .
Three theoretical outstanding men.
These men bubble to a certain extent on all understand.

6. All interviews are another gang-raped a sense , you are one group of people tried something , and then decide if they would want you to enjoy a few more than my side , serve well
after righting what can .

7. and other mixed at the university for six months before we know , love is everywhere pick up , library basketball court cafeteria can become the birthplace of love .
Can this reason, it was * price .

8. they feel that the family was poor urban children in college may be more embarrassing than rural children .
Although the family was poor because they are , but under normal circumstances would not have suffered too much from childhood pain , but the city is very sensitive nature gives us a very inflated self-esteem and vanity .
We escape, found not escape , but not as comfortable with as those kids suffer .

9 growth process is to break the cocoon of a butterfly , struggling all the green and ugly faded , jitter lightweight beautiful wings in the sun, sparkling , slightly happy , trembling.

10 chase beauty , no matter where the chase beauty , energy and financial resources are human perseverance endurance, strength than those who are strong enough , in a moment will always be cruel eliminated.
Beauty is in the window delicate and expensive , everyone can see , some people only dare to look at on the outside, some people dare closer look , some people may require out to look , but to buy and how much?
This analogy is difficult to listen to , think about the fact that there is so simple.
If beauty is not a long time to find a buyer , the new OTC goods , while their old yellow beads became older , only discount or cheap

11 fix it confirms such a formula –
online dating = meet, go to bed , get out of bed , blacklist.

12 crush once picked Ming Ming became the women pumps online love , if one continues , the other party must be in fact, some hints and encouragement.
This is ambiguous.
Ambiguous feelings easiest intoxicating colors.

13 and that some of the married man , life is boring grinding .
Tired of eating meals need a snack.
Their lives just to enrich young woman can not be a young woman to subvert .
They stick to their positions , waiting for the young woman through .
They also greedy and selfish.

14 beauty of this online shop store stuff , if possible in exchange for happiness, can not return his love and admiration of the man’s favor , if not able to make their lives happier than others nice point
better point would be meaningless , or even just adding to the troubles .
Advantages beautiful woman does not make good , often times it will bring her troubles .
Beautiful woman is the capital, poor management will make themselves bankrupt.

15 universities in the girls bedroom , two people is a sign of a bad relationship with each other to ignore .
Use this rule to determine the relationship between the various bedroom girls absolutely nothing wrong , this is a universal formula .
After all, we are all educated people , to see who dislike hit her and she scolded her for defamatory rumors she is very demeaning attacks .
Even if the attack , retaliation is often done quietly , intellectuals of very , very feminine .

16 love is like a seesaw , if two people in love on the work evenly matched , you will want to control the situation, often can only be stalemate there, no fun at all .
A powerful point , a weak point , from one person to control the situation , to be able to Alice Huan , you happy so I’m happy.

17 chasing girls have always been a simple matter .
If you feel you chase it very difficult, mostly you chase the wrong person .
If a girl, you just catch up with their efforts , so not as good as their efforts to catch up .
Because so hard just to have a girlfriend , you love from the start of inequality , she was hesitant to delay promise you , the original consciousness just think you do not deserve her.

18 high grade gg, if you are looking for college girls came to the school of love , or to be a little patient, control yourself , slowly inspiration, not hasty .
The process of going too fast , often just on the university will scare the little girl , even after the scare everywhere say you are a pervert , so you discredited.
Little girls often do not understand the spirit of the university pure love is not equal love .

20 in college , I’m afraid to fall in love is the greatest overhead.
Girlfriend is the highest consumption.

21 girls after college, learn the fastest best, often not professional knowledge, not English forty-six not TOEFL IELTS gre, but dress -up .
A freshman girl, her junior year , when possible expertise and English terms have no substantive progress , but she ‘s wearing a dress certainly a dramatic change

22 freshman had just come in, I
see a lot of girls also identified ponytail , braid also tie well, strike a drag in the back of the head , not knowing buy a delicate and refined point of the first flowers modified , wearing shoe boots for women are mostly not very prominent female casual
features clothes, there is a slight breeze feeling.
As a sophomore , suddenly a lot of girls will go to do between hot plasma , sitting behind the classroom, see the front of the uniform of obedient cool ads like, in the end called a cis- cis

23 large
three , the female students truly liberated.
Like a one night ‘s women began to wear short-sleeved tunic to wear a skirt to wear the same clothes , junior girls seem to beautify the campus overnight become the main force of the

24 too much.
Too many parents put up with hardships .
And these are not apparent in our schools .
Each young faces in front of people are in high spirits, swelling vanity days and nights struggling to get rid of everything behind , forgotten that his eyes and hands that toil behind .
They also tried to hide it all day and night , for fear the students aware of their poverty, fear of the students despise their own embarrassment , fear of people despise , fear of people say shabby , loaded the money , loaded chic , fitted squandered , pretend not worse than anyone else
University for four years in this senseless vanity in worn away .
Vanity is not wrong, when vanity becomes an excuse for the fall when it became a hopeless abyss .

25 unrecognizable at first everyone was stunned this fact , we immediately began to search for clues Liu Shasha died on the way from memory library.

26 us is how?
Our generation college students is how?
Who can give us an answer.
What is forcing us again to death.
Suicide or killed ( supplementary passage after the Case ) .
Who can save us , like so many years ago, college students , and give us a faith , give us a reason to work hard , and give us a passionate youth.

27 which is sold to the difference between a man and sold the n men.
Dead still carrying infamy after death , the body also bear so much contempt in the eyes ; while still alive scenery alive, there are so many girls envy of their peers or in the name of jealousy disguised envy .
Lover of women are more greedy than the prostitutes.
Whore wants nothing but money , lover not only money, there are feelings , but also favor.
Money and love , and probably also fulfill the dream of many women expect and about life in the .

28 original college girls and street fights tricks squalling bitch fight posture is not much difference.
The only difference is that college girls fight will not easily let you see , will not easily let you know.
After the kick quickly left the scene , but did not like the roadside bitch , crowd more people play the more vigorously .
Siyaomianzi a pain .
Original wild heart to make them in my heart the most obscene words most vicious curse each other, a modern university education so that they face a ” disgrace ” that the word died down immediately when put uneventful appearance , so back to the ladies .

29 in college, and if two people fall in love official ( officially called , is the one said to the other my boyfriend girlfriend you do it, the other said yes ), the month also did not kiss
, it certainly is a problem , there is definitely one very reluctantly agreed to at the time , did not really fancy the other.

30 boys are not motivated , the boy is the most insecure .
Because we do not need a big, strong body every day to help us fight , but we need a secure life , for now , in the future even more so.
Unfortunately, there are too many college boys do not understand this truth

31 you have to admit , PubMed for some people is a way to improve their chances for some people is just an avoidance of employment pressure
For the former I have always been full of admiration for the latter , I would say that you are not qualified to look down on me.

32 college cohabitation , not imagined so romantic and beautiful.
Love premature stained poor Youyanjiangcu tea, will be Xunde changed taste of the

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Nalanxingde , if the word tolerance is an important poet in Qing Dynasty .
His term wind lingering graceful, although relatively narrow subject matter , just reflect their personal feelings and experiences , but read sincere and touching .

love as an eternal topic , there are many writers through the ages have praised it , Nalanxingde style love word is independent , as when writing a song first met
the little word ” Like a Dream “:

It gin Kanai , full puzzle falling red cold , raised to a reunion , mind wavefront difficult to set , who province ?
Who province ?
Since then cover pattern lights .

poem Muran meet the men and women , love at first sight scene , late spring through patches of stone falling on the metaphor of love is just a false dream.
In feudal society, such things everywhere, the word people want to be happy in life , eager and sincere love of people Shuangsushuangfei , but very reluctantly , spans between them an insurmountable gap .
Poet had in mind exclaimed :

generation one pair of human life , struggle to teach two ecstasy , Acacia desire did not want to close, day whom how to pronounce giuseppe zanotti spring ?
Blue Bridge Yi pulp into begging , drug ran into the sea is difficult , if Yung drink with visit to Oxford, relatively forgotten poor .

This is where the story referenced under Que Pei Air Blue Bridge has encountered a cloud Britain , often stealing drugs Ben moon Io , which can be understood as empathy , knowing each other , although the two conditions is easy
, to lovers gathered at the time was very difficult.
So in the three stories , the Nalanxingde like to be able to think like Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet in heaven , may then wish, willingly give up fame and fortune , the poor spend .
We are now in this materialistic society, how many people can do , not to mention the bit at the time among the children and the ” princelings ” member , he such a sincere attitude of love , giuseppe zanotti bridal shoes , how can not
so moving ?

in life should be colorful season , can Nalanxingde in his brief thirty year, much of the performance of the gray mood :

who read westerly alone cool , rustling yellow leaves sparse windows closed , meditating past legislation setting sun .
Spring was scared to sleep heavy wine Mo , gambling books to eliminate splash tea , when the only way is unusual.

when some things have and do not care , just like ” the Orchid Room for a long time without the smell its fragrance ” because accustomed to the smell of it , indifferent to its existence, not
it brings you cherish every ray of warmth , only when you lose when we come to feel that it ‘s important and beautiful.
People tend to repeat things many ocean fill prison , many once had feelings of regret .

years of wind, evergreen tree of life .
Wang Guowei ‘s appraisal of him was ” catching emperor ( Li Yu ) ” Nalanxingde the inner life truly show up, make clothes by Qi Li , who feel the word “nature of love, Santa Claus .”
through his delicate brush strokes , people feel the word ” tenderness ray , touching ileum .”

As the saying goes : Life would have a infatuated , sorrow to do with the wind and the moon .

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. ” Life is like a wide variety of chocolates, you never know that a part of you,” Forrest Gump mother this sentence clarified to us : everyone’s life trajectory is exists and is unique.
Forrest Gump , it is listening to the teachings of this , step by step trod his own life miracle.

Only 75 minutes from the intelligence and had entered a special school , the football athlete , the Vietnam War hero, to a shrimp boat captain , to every corner of the United States …… Forrest birth defects in the body to reach a lot of intelligence
healthy people may end his life it is difficult to match the height .

at the beginning and end of the film , you will see : In the vast blue sky , a light and white feathers fall from the sky , slowly landed at the foot of Forrest Gump .
I think this is , in fact, the movie is suggesting , hinting us: this world, if you look at life like a feather someone as pure , plain and beautiful , then this person is given a Forrest Gump pumps and heels .

A Gan Tiansheng doomed not an outstanding person.
But God is so unfair – often , it will make the starting point is not higher than the innate superiority of man full of people earlier and more profound understanding of real life .
Forrest Gump once leg childhood disability, then , Forrest Gump ‘s mother would have put a heavy iron frame for her beloved son , in order to assist their walk.
Then , often after school , his companions would laugh at the way Forrest Gump , playing Forrest Gump , Forrest Gump and even catch up with throwing stones .
Often this time, female students who Jenny shouted: ” Forrest , run .” Then , Forrest panic , Batui wanted to run, fell struggling to get back up again …… Gradually, they are not bound iron shelf him,
Finally, he runs like a champ .
zonotti companions catch up with him , only to Yan Zheng giuseppe zanotti boutique open eyes of a hope and helpless.
It should be said that Forrest Gump first miracle of life .

to run fast is really good in the world .
With amazing speed run , Forrest Gump into the football team , and later entered the university and eventually graduate.
Soon after, he took part in the Vietnam War .
In Vietnam , Forrest ‘s troops in an ambush , gave the order to retreat , Forrest Gump remember Jenny asked : ” beat , and ran .” Forrest then turned around and ran.
He became the only person spared .
See here , the audience will probably laugh .
Forrest Gump , if not run fast , it is impossible to go back later and rescued wounded comrades ; Gump if you do not go back to save his comrades , then it is not Forrest Gump up .

Forrest illustrious military exploits been president met .
This is the scene of comedy director for our well-prepared .
But to me, it still does not do this or that and feel ridiculous exaggeration .
Perhaps , once, some people often feel the burden too heavy , because the difficulties in front of the old , and the day dejected , depressed.
Agan it, faith is so simple, so the goal is clear, even if deficiencies, even before it Badlands , Forrest Gump is absolutely adorable can one regard it is absolutely normal heart , and eventually across eleven .
This is definitely not just use the ” Fool blessing ” can be explained .
So, I prefer to believe that only by maintaining Forrest Gump kind of life attitude and a strong will of the people , faith is able to alleviate a lot about myself and the like , or else the burden of life, so as to reach the summit of life, get their final

A Gan Yisheng support only a love of life , and that is love ; love a girl Jenny A Gan Yisheng , In addition , he always calm ; he can in order to commemorate the dead comrades Bubba , but stem from
he was not familiar with the shrimping industry ( simply because Bubba word ) ……

at every stage of life , Forrest had only one goal in guiding him, and he only
this rather pragmatic , tireless , steadfast struggle until the completion of that goal , or that the emergence of new goals.
There is no simple choice would not be without the distractions of mind ; without the distractions of the mind , probably to be able to light weightlifting bitter in life .

Forrest Gump ‘s life indeed there were many miracles, but these miracles do not , and never could guide me to envy him.
Probably , I will, only to enjoy those years together with Forrest Gump , life and history, which is bitter and sweet taste , and even look forward to those ” across the defect , perfect life ” ……

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XinJieKou dim light remains the same, the New Year is approaching, passers-by in a hurry , the teacher said , today we look at a stunning blockbuster of the mind, so we went to the 7th floor Deji Plaza International Studios .
A lot of people turned out today show that seal off the make Jet Li – “Fearless .”
Fearless , I know, it is Tiao Hanzi , clank of Hud 1980s , when my father was still young at the time , Fearless ‘s story on the impact of a generation .
On looking at the posters of Jet Li ‘s face goes a little older , a kind of inexplicable Fearless respect spontaneously.
The 9th hall, or the last screening of “King Kong ,” the hall , movie outset we pulled into the time tunnel , we came to the Qing Dynasty in the ring, four foreigners , eyeing watching Fearless , swords
after winning three games is still Fearless .
At this time , the bright red Fearless words brings us to the remains of the Qing Dynasty that era , young Fearless is a sweet and innocent children , he does not love learning and cultural knowledge, but also to let others help write operations by
the impact and influence of the family , obsessed with martial arts.
But , and now hopeful parents, Fearless ‘s father hoped his son reading exam to get fame, but not all day Causing loss of lives .
It did not, and all the world like a little boy , Fearless also want to be the best , but when he was a small partner Zhao Jian stepped on the foot of the moment , his fate is different from this .
As the old saying goes: extremes meet .
Fearless finally stood on the top ring, his enemy is Zhao Jian , Zhao fist in fact already lost in the Fearless dad ‘s hands, this time , Fearless once again proved this point .
Tianjin handbags and shoes first , Fearless station to the highest position of the ring , the family ‘s life and death hung wall explains it all.
All in all, to the quick , go too fast , when Fearless beloved daughter holding the bodies of the moment, it all disappeared.
Causing loss of lives it is to learn kung fu ?
Qin Lord ‘s death caused a lifelong wrong , everything is to Tianjin first ?
Fearless intimate friend agricultural Jin -sun before passage so that Fearless think seven years.
Seven years , seven years of life can have a few ?
Seven years, under the care of the girl Tsz month , rural life inoffensive , good-natured kind of meta despair villagers make a gradual forget the pain and hatred, life is slowly recovering, Fearless finally online sandals for women thinking
its own way of life , original , martial arts are not just for themselves.
Return of the King , came so calm.
Tianjin has already happen, people , invaders army was able to rampant land on my great country , India , Britain , Japan , Russia, China …… towering into the ” sick man of Asia ” ?
Russia Hercules in Shanghai on China ‘s land and this hurt me dozens of people , that crappy translation is apparently became one accomplice.
See the ring of people are still so many here , I thought of Lu Xun , Mr. Lu Xun finally read the doctor saw strong shoes boots online country resolutely apathetic people look after beheading from medicine , people wake up a pen as a weapon
the generous indignation move.
Anger in their hearts , anger at the outbreak of conscience , the conscience of everyone where to go ?
Even a small hotel owner farmers Jin -sun knows bullied by other countries , not only for ourselves, we want to do something for this nation.
Do except watch outside , we would have nothing of it?
Thoroughly modern heavy security door locked our hearts , how many seniors in exchange for the lives of today is to allow people to each other in this society continue to ignore ?
Someone drowning , and watch him to death ?
See courageous warriors hand to watch him die ?
To see someone do something good to laugh fool ?
Some look fun every day , and we have lost the soul of the Chinese nation Manner self-improvement .
Fearless final wrongfully killed in the ring, I could not bear to describe his tragic moment.
For the Japanese devils kind of despicable acts can not be angry with me early .
He was dead.
However , that spirit has left .
Fearless call with death in our hearts , Chinese people should self-improvement .
For one, one for all , we came from that period of humiliating history of the Chinese in today’s world , apart from money and an easy life , we do something ?
Do not you see my little Woguo eyeing Taiwan , the Diaoyu Islands , East China Sea oil ?
Do not you see the South China Sea islands have not yet recovered ?
Do not you see me hegemonic interference in the internal affairs ?
Do not you see …… Do not you see how much evil official corruption ?
Do not you see how many children out of school mountain without schools ?
Do not you see how much XinJieKou thieves rampant ?
Do not you see you can readily throw garbage piled up a mountain ?
Do not you see …… friends, awaken it.
If one day , history will repeat itself again , what would you choose ?
Zuili stay to see the sword , dreams of blowing horn with camp .
Sunburn eight hundred points under the command of fifty strings turn the sound beyond the Great Wall , soldiers on the battlefield in autumn .
Ma Lu as fast, as Charlie string bow shock .
But the king of the world affairs, won the lifetime behind the name .
Poor gray hair !

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Last night after work, the cell door selling dvd discs boss stopped me ( because of the long-term buy , the boss know me ) , I looked back , wow , look a 9.11 incident, he had three meters away from me , at that time
I did not come and incense point , the boss will be called at me very proud , Promise arrival …… arrival …… arrival …… ( I rely on, actually called an echo ) , because this movie to the media
handbags and shoes body into stewed fried fast , so my heart burst of impulses , spent 10 yuan to buy one .
After returning home after a busy do things, point a cigarette and began to appreciate Chen guide masterpiece .
1 , the picture beautifully delicate, feeling a fairyland landscape , before seeing the bread into the water , I still this feeling did not last long , when Chen who is said to be immortal beauty played there , like there is a
gave me a slap , I rely pretty long Chen ah, it can be said deposit charm especially how a play on the shape ah, eyebrows are white, do not look carefully thought no , the whole feeling of a nun , look
that hairstyle , dizzy, her whole picture of a person is a third of the poplar ‘s hair , I looked at all feel very not easy.
A great beauty , or fairies, after playing is floating around for a while migrating to the one that will be blown , come on, you do not shoot Ghost Story .
My heart burst of sad, continue to look at two , a team of people who dress in red , hiding behind boulders .
Clothes tell the truth , really pretty, Chen guide indeed spent a lot of money ah, you look at some people wear more than look good, what the ceremony to be held at .
“General …… 3000 pairs of 20,000 people ,” a scene , kick my foot This is a war ah, so conspicuous clothes to wear , but also ambush , I rely on other people idiots or colorblind ah, there is no common sense ah, I
halo ah, you …… you …… you .
Unfinished generation continued

3, no joy Duke Jubing surrounded the palace, the king stood on the roof , condescending : I thought you were for my throne …… roof seems pretty big advantage , my hands are
intense sweating and, I date you a king , did things on the roof to play this game , the whole palace without a confidant a ?
You also fared worse than funeral expenses instrument Ah .
See this , I found this film ‘s plot how cliché .
4 , the Kunlun kill the queen , I was thought, oh , this story a little bit mean , because , when the bright Kunlun save the king told him not the only weapon in the hands of the palace of the king , and the king was just in with a sword
Allure cut , but at the moment only one with no weapons only Allure , so just kill the king saved Allure , I think a good reason for his later , while the later bright asked him why when a woman in order to kill the king , he was using the default
the only way to make this into a reason for a woman.

Woo …… hum …… Woo ………… I. Chen A , help me to , I can not figure out how , why Kunlun woman to kill the king, whining ………… , do
the slave consciousness high ah, see the beauty of a sudden life has changed a .

5, which you do not Kunlun saved Allure run , have to go to a waterfall doing A , do not forget to give me that way , you are not riding to the what, how to , how to go
Also, why do you want to ride Maa , run not more to accelerate it?

4, I went back on the toilet and found that the film has put a bright , Allure, Kunlun to tie in a yard , and this time all the movies , the most vomiting screen appeared, no joy
cry ~ ~ ~ ~ , seems to tears ,,,, heaven ah, Chen a guide help me put this poor man ,, off a race of people lost their humanity , but also cry ,,,
Xie mad vomiting performances, played to the extreme , really tmd Promise a , in trance , I saw Kunlun wear black robes , carrying Allure ran into the sky ,, weighs not able to accelerate the speed of people running it ,
how can fly directly to Afghanistan ,, Oh ,,,,,, original expert is an expert ,,,, Chen guide is in line with the God of heaven to ,, 6 expression is the development of air navigation brilliant career ah, feelings
A little bit of national pride .

the whole person, not one to be shaped by

1, Fairy : full field giuseppe zanotti balmain drift

2, the light : In addition to the phrase brave
words ( 3000 pairs of 20000 , you should for you is that the 3000 people of a proud ) , that did not see it.
Loyalty to kill the king of slaves, were actually not kill .
For no responsibility to protect the king , with no remorse.
Despicable 1330 penny , people buy life are deceptive mother, and wanted to write something he can not write .

3, Kunlun : illogical thinking a beginning seems to be no thought, only from the life of a slave master .
2, the Allure produce feelings hidden way out of this feeling , I do not know how to start reading , and love at first sight ?
Slave life are others , as well as their own thinking ?
3 , in order to meet this character abuse screenplay , to shape became mentally retarded .

4, no joy : Cool , talking all the time , his eyes never move.
Play the role of ruthless , nor ye, last inexplicable crying scene , can be considered a flaw , or else , this play still relatively normal people .
Also, how to speak like Simon A , I hope that my family audiovisual bad ( my house more than 10,000 of the 5.1 home theater package )

5, Ghost Wolf: This play style is fairly reasonable
but this character is contradictory, raising an assassin for 20 years , but still did not give to the owner killed a man , rely on, the CIA older point , do not you kill all hung up , the assassin is not a lot more than Afghanistan .
Bright martial arts “Ghost Wolf” No matter Huan Huan said no more than anything else as long as the light in , he is two streams that is no joy “Bright finished — > infinite loop of

6, Allure :
the only no script and twisted in order to meet people

7, the king : the roof is not fun, then do not go up.

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This world there is a story called ” Westward Journey .”

The world is huge chains, you have to repeat yourself or someone else’s life.
I remember the elders said: Young is a sin.
They say that we immature.
Truly cheer for their own good , in deep depressed , suddenly read the beginning of the “Westward Journey” : a talented and lawless youth ( Monkey ) , did not like the world of big business apportioned to him ( West
learn ) .
In particular, he can not stand the master ( monk ) of whining, be secular regulations ( Goddess of Mercy ) and did not miss him.
To let him repent , willing to go to learn , monk and Guanyin compromise : let him five years later a new leaf.
It was a fateful beginning.

nine hundred seventy-one brothers said: ” college kids are raised glass jar toad , promising little way out .” more relevant .
Monkey King is nothing more than four years of college golden moments Bale , took to the community to find a job no matter how you unrivaled talent covered the personality of its own could not turn Fingers to pressure .
Only wear a straitjacket to learn , Hong eighty – one hard , doing a weird Buddha.
You have no choice.

five hundred years later, called the Monkey King Sun Wukong , the Five Sacred Mountains in a promising career – Bandit .
His fate has to play Monkey , Monkey King is just a transition Bale.
Spider came, White-Boned Demon came, Bodhi ancestors came, cattle devil came …… all the pieces , standing quietly in the fate of the board ‘s center .
His route was earlier given good : ( a ) a person to give him three moles ( 2 ) wear a straitjacket ( 3 ) defeated Bull Demon ( 4 ) Buddhist sutras .
Poor Monkey King did not know anything , seriously do brigands , also fell in love with the White-Boned Demon , and she wanted to became a century of good .
Telling him all the things happened one after another .

years ago, I definitely do not know today that they will at a university in Hangzhou, learning , now faintly feel that some kind of traction .
Frightening is that this is still not the end , less than the game ends I do not know the answer.
The truth will be revealed , guissepe zanotti moment in my dying .

to the Monkey King who is three moles Daisy fairy.
Who said : there is always a girl there , let the boy eventually become a man .
And men will never get her , it is simply is certain.
Very much like Daisy ‘s prologue : “Now I solemnly declare , this mountain are my everything , including you .” Kind of gas penetration sky , like a fairy tale.

The reality is : there is nothing in this world belongs to you , including your own .
Maybe we are in order to create something of their own came to this world, because young, so bet on love.
Monkey King refused Daisy , he thought he still loves Jingjing .
See Jingjing , he found true love Daisy .
Fate has been joking with him : Monkey King suddenly became the Monkey King, painstakingly looking Jingjing fell in love with Daisy .
The choices are so cruel : to defeat the devil to save the cow Daisy , you must wear a straitjacket so back to the magic and the Monkey King ; rather wear a straitjacket would not have the slightest desire , only to learn to go.
For the Monkey King uneven : do not understand why in this story of love always want to be a victim , why not let Zhou Xingchi bring Daisy slender hands – go first !
I had countless times on the Internet reflects a similar opinion , and made very tired.
Love is so beautiful and fragile, unable to face the trivial and the tenacity of life.
Which section of the feelings and no gorgeous long and difficult moments , you ‘ll be happy together , not necessarily .
Monkey King dug his own heart, saw a tear Daisy stay there , after all, had sailed the seven seas .
Five hundred and five hundred , pocket a big circle back to the place.
People are not able to overcome fate , and human dignity has been affirmed in the struggle , the human emotion will also immortal .
” Health Huan Yi He died also why bother .” Taichetaiwu .
Magic spell , trapping the old dream , trapping angular personality.
Maturity is a painful word , it will not necessarily get , but it will certainly lose .
Farewell, passionate Mood for Love !
Farewell spirits green years !
Farewell , classmates !
Farewell, beloved comrade !
At this point after a long road I walk alone .
Looking carrying Wukong Monkey King Bar , suddenly understand what self-proclaimed bachelor boys in this class on the screen .
We salute bachelor Walker !

the entire film is the final word : “You saw that person , so strange yo, like a dog .” romantic , eachother, Shengsixiangxu …… the face of love these are trivial, not worth mentioning
Love is love, nothing else .
With love, with the only life , the other side of the child to roll .
You love , do enough?

Wukong love, whether or Daisy Li Jingjing , he would love to be in the end .
Jingjing love, that abandoned her away Wukong , “can not , and like the people together , why would a man happy .” Daisy love, “Who pulled my purple blue sword , who is my wishful Lang
monarch . ” love a person need a reason?
Monkey will love Skeleton Demon , * Pig in love with spider .
Daisy loved him deeply, as he pulled out a sword.

the story of people looking for love is always strange reason : the prince to use glass slipper to find Cinderella , chai want that person to go with jade can live forever …… much more realistic , mortal beings , who
who can promise a future self-deception Bale.
Ye reason , no reason worth mentioning, may still have to love.
Let me go , the process is the result , no regrets .

love do not need to hide without straightening without worry about the outcome , as long as Daisy said: “Let’s start right away this feeling it first kiss me ! .” Love is beyond our control .
Jingjing mouth and said: ” I ​​will never hurt for this man of .” May still want desperately for his sword with people .
Monkey King dream also called Daisy ‘s name seven hundred forty one , do not know who that Daisy must owe him a lot of money.
Daisy said: “Like moths , knowing that would hurt also flew over the fire .” ” I could not resist , you rush to go ” hopelessly obsessed .
Love is selfless .

Monkey King of Gin said: “You kill me , I do not want you to see me when my mind was thinking about someone else .” Gin thought : . ” are lying to me .”
jumped off the cliff to go.
Daisy the body stand in front of the Monkey King , pierce the devil’s spit in cattle .
For a time , how life later , we all care.
Even so precious lives, but also intends to give at any time made ​​a sacrifice of love .
One headlong into this love Oliver , preferring to eternity may not bounce back .
Love deeply unpredictable.

30 Niang said with tears : “If you want my mother beautiful as spring 30 , but with so many ugly people have .” This is how many beautiful women conceited fate : his mind is
Nengwennengwu Pianpianshaonian , but loud snoring pillow potbellied .
Who can say that after years of watching her husband would not have such a feeling , I really do not know happy or sad.
But still want him to stand away infinite sacrifice , like the spring 30 as * Mother Pig and cow down off Long stone devil die.
Jingjing love Wukong , the Monkey King Jingjing love , Daisy Love Monkey King , “He loves you, you love me and I love him ,” no solution of the equation through the ages .
“白马啸西风” he said: “If you are deeply in love with the man , but deeply in love with someone else , to have any another way ? ” So Daisy said: . ” Love a man turned out to be so painful .” Jingjing
can not find that to abandon her Wukong ( like not like Yan Li ) , told the Monkey King : beige pumps “. you come back after five hundred years is not looking for me,” Monkey King thought to spend this life with love , who knows first love
time and do not understand love life.
He opened the year by Daisy has quietly arrived in the depths of his soul , but he did not know it.
May Daisy died : “My partner is a matchless hero, he will be stepping on the seven- day clouds to marry me, and I guess the front, but I can tell with this ending …… ” No one guessed the ending, everything
Gone with the Wind .

love when we do not understand the love , the love is lost can understand the love of time.
Not his most desperate , he does not love you or away from you , the most desperate are you forget how to love a person, you have lost the ability to love.

Please remember the following lines: ” There was a sincere love before me, but I did not wait for the lost treasure when only regret , among the most painful thing on earth .
this .

If God can give me a chance again , I will say three words “I love you .” If you try to turn this love with a deadline , I hope it is a
! thousand years ” is also the way to remember these words of the original, in Wong Kar-wai ‘s ” Chungking Express “in : ” If memory is a canned , I hope it will never expire , if we must add a term , then,

I hope it is a thousand years . “

Monkey King said this is the first lie Daisy , the second said to have been overwhelmed with sorrow .
Someday , you will repeat these words for her gentle soul most zanotti sandals sale corner , a sequestration order your upcoming years.
” If one day I could not help but ask you, you have to lie to me no matter how much you have in mind or not, you do not tell me you never liked me .” Remembrance into but was already casting haze of confusion !

before college is not like Zhou Xingchi , and then only the hearts of heroes.
Experienced and are experiencing the fate of Goku style and Daisy -like love, only to find the essence of life is the lowest gesture arise.
Hero ?
Why do not you ask the cost of a hero ?

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Talking to strangers ( concept human loneliness felt )

I’ve always wanted to write something in it?
Of course , was written for his own .
“To be touched by others, you seem touched himself .” Has always had a fantasy one after another mound off …… seems , a little low, but think of Yongzheng said Liu Molin phrase : “Within ten steps , there must Fang
grass . ” caught the mood , something like straw , perhaps not straw ?
But is an open laputa key.
I have always believed laputa its existence.
That might not be in heaven Bale.

to talk about the reality of it !
Always wanted to be the kind of person do anything they want , but always being dictated to .
Some people may also envy , but who really knows the heart of the bitter zanotti sandals.
Futile really tired !
But can not , there is no talk of the object.
Two women are choosing to get married in October this year .
They like an appointment , really funny !

What kind of way ?
Do I really like them giuseppe zanotti uk?
The answer is both yes and was denied.
I did not really open their hearts for prickly heat , so , he had no regrets at all.
But it is true that some regret .
Some people do not look so strong , they sometimes also very cowardly !
I know the benefits of opening the door , but also know the pain of piercing .
As the saying goes : the people for the people , eighty-two change catty.
Blending two hearts will give heart to the destination.
A separate hearts but will severely.
Piercing pain in my life that can not be forgotten .
So, I know people in order not to be rejected , it is best to reject others.
In order not to be hurt is best not to fall into .
Keren not saints , who can release the secular aloof if it ?
I am also a layman ……

like writing the essay ” to the world all climbers ” in the kind of mood .
Who could have done to it?
Not pleased , not to have been sad ?
I think it was just Fan phase in self-deception Bale.
This time, I was small , selfish , sad , but true .
The reason to write the above words.
Because you and I have already far apart .
Life will not meet.
So, really met me, you will also see a strong man.
Never thought my heart was made ​​of glass .
It will not , can not see the tears.
I’m really good disguise .
^ _ ^

So, I summed up : candidly reveal themselves to strangers is very safe.
At the moment I have a lot of peace of mind .
More likely to candidly reveal the thoughts of my heart to strangers will be more calm.
Thank you !